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Poem: LIFE

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ummi taalib, LoveDeen
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 29th March 2009 22:23

Assalamu alaikum, I thought I'd post my first poem on here that I made up after Ramadhaan (just to warn you its a really long poem you'll notice once you scroll down, its like an essay!), its just a bunch of rhymes, about issues concerning the reality of life and a few thoughts I had at that time. There isnt a real structure to it, has bits of slang (lol) and not even a proper title!..anywhoo enjoy! wa'assalam..

Poem thing

If I had just this moment to say what I gotta say...
It would be that we should change the life we live today.
The world is running faster day-by-day,
Its kind of funny cuz people think that we're here to stay,
Do they not realise that they can't runaway?
That death they can't delay?
By Allah, they will stand before Him and say...
'Oh my Lord, forgive me for what I did today'.
If only for a second we would stop to think,
That this life is but only a test,
Everything around us is just a huge mess,
But our aim is to try our best...

All you see in front of is a world whirling around on...
Nationalism and capitalism,
Materialism and secularism...
Forget all the "isms", you know what it all builds up to and what it all means;
Westernisation and globalisation,
Modernisation and urbanisation,
But where's the realisation in it all?
These big words can all be flawed.
These big words mean nothing at all.
It just gets us mesmerised so easily,
Mesmerised by the painted pictures that we see,
Listening to music,
Texting constantly,
And watching hours of endless TV.

Who dya think we're gona please?
But then again, do we even know who we're meant to please?
He watches us from above,
Knowing every thought that we think,
Every word that we speak,
Every deed that we do,
And He just waits for us to make that right move...
You see this world is but a dream,
We're just passing by,
This life ain't what it seems,
Our stop is the next one,
Once our times up here,
That's it we're done,
This is our wake up call...

Allah only asks to turn to Him.
For whatever we need,
Just to turn to Him.
To ask for happiness and peace,
Just from Him.
To break down and cry,
Just to Him.
To ask for mercy and forgiveness,
Just from Him.
If it's this simple,
Then why is it so hard to stand on that prayer mat,
And ask just of Him?

If we sincerely thank Allah then we will truly see,
See the beauty of this life and why things happen to be.
All He asks is a few prayers, a few Thank you's,
And just so we remember that He's always there.
Life isn't ever gona be fair,
But at times of hardship and despair,
Remember He's always there,
And at the end of it all,
There is always ease,
And Allah is the One who grants you peace.

It's never too late to repent,
To turn back.
And Allah only awaits the day that you turn His way,
And opens the gateway,
The pathway,
The right way,
For you to start fresh and new.
All you have to do is remember Allah for all that you go through,
And all the things you do...
Realise that this life you cannot compromise,
One day you will witness your own demise.
We all fail to see the signs,
That this life stops at an appointed time.
We have to prepare ourselves for our time.

When Allah calls us to go back to Him,
"Verily we are from Allah and we will return to Him".
Allah will take our souls away,
The pain and agony that day,
If only we could see,
How the soul is ripped out so recklessly,
And we cry and wail so helplessly,
Begging Allah for mercy so sincerely...
But nobody will be there to help us then,
It is Allah that we go back to then,
He is The Master and Owner of our souls then.

But now we have the precious time to pray,
Let's just stop for a moment,
And step back from the lifeless routine we perform each day;
Working, eating, sleeping,
Cooking, cleaning, typing,
Laughing, joking, crying...
We make time for all of those,
So why then, do we never bother for Allah?
Remember shaytaan is our enemy,
He deserves nothing but misery.
Remember all praises be to He,
The One who let it be,
The One who created thee,
The One who will never forsake you and me...

Let's just let go of this life we're living,
Have a good standard and balance of what we're doing,
Live the right way that we've been told to be living.
And Allah is the Most Forgiving.
It's just letting go of those bad deeds that we're doing;
Those nights out clubbing,
Those days we're drinking,
Those times we're flexing,
Those moments we're puffing...
But yet He is still the Most Forgiving,
He is still watching and waiting...
For that day, we break down on our knees,
And plead; 'Oh Allah forgive me for my sin today,
Have mercy on my soul,
For all those times I let you go,
For all those times my heart was cold and I did not know'.

Sincerity and honesty is the best policy,
Modesty and piety is the best formality.
Let's get rid of all our ignorant thoughts,
Our arrogance and pride and start cleaning our hearts.
Purify our hearts and talk to Allah from our hearts.
Be good to one another,
Respect and teach each other on the path of Islam
And we will find peace like no other,
Be ourselves in a way people will learn from you and me,
And bring about peace and unity,
That's the life we want to really truly see,
Before the final departure to He.

All the bad things that we all do, let's take a moment and think,
Is it worth an endless life of doom?
If it's worth the pain and punishment then by all means carry it through,
But we all know the real truth.
The reality of life is right in front of our eyes,
We just need to catch it and hold it on to it,
Before our chances pass by.

Everything we see is a blessing,
Everything we are able to do is a blessing,
Every wise word we are able to speak is a blessing,
Every second we have is a blessing,
And time is the most precious of blessings.
Without it we have nothing,
So let's do something with it,
That's worth living,
Praise Allah endlessly for these blessings,
Learn the knowledge that He has sent down and given,
And practice the perfect Sunnah of our Prophet (saw) we have been given,
Earn the favour of Allah,
Earn the Oneness of Allah,
And earn the pleasure of Allah,
That is what will surely get us to Heaven.

If I had just this moment to say what I gotta say,
It would only be...
To change the life we live today.

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LoveDeen's avatar
LoveDeen's avatar
#2 [Permalink] Posted on 13th May 2009 17:07
Mashallah beautiful poem ! lots of lessons to be learnt from this poem Inshallah .
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Zainab's avatar
Zainab's avatar
#3 [Permalink] Posted on 2nd September 2009 22:20
Mashallah, such beauty in this writing, may allah reward you abundantly and give us all the taufeeq to practice islam in the true form of its beauty. ameen
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#4 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd January 2010 18:37
..aameen, jazakaAllah khair for your kind words
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