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The Muslim Woman

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 16th June 2007 02:34
The Muslim Woman
By: Aaron 'Br.Haroon' Sellars

The Muslim Woman is the stem
The Muslim Woman is a gem

Made from my rib,
Watch her, over our crib

I was lonely until you came
Without you how could it be the same?

You bore me in pain
But nursed me with pleasure

Hard work I owe you
Your respect beyond measure

Oh how the angels hovered
That blessed day that you covered

Keeping your charms a surprise
For the one with whom you make ties

A guard you proudly keep
From eyes that do more than peep

A duty that I would struggle to do
So God made it a blessing for you

Hiding such beautiful hairs
Hiding from excessive stares

In honored distinguishment, above those who don't care
Who feel no shame, in being so bare

Oh how I must strive to support you
Oh how could I ever abort you?

The line between us is fine
For your job is just as hard as mine

But together we make a team
Seeking the Siraatul-Mustaqeem (straight path)

Your submission to God, is my greatest attraction
Your understanding of his word, is my greatest satisfaction

Truly you are the backbone, yes, you are the stem
Truly Muslim Woman, you are a precious gem..
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