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Never Quit

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 28th November 2006 20:38

Taken From: The Deen - Forum

When the things go wrong

As they sometimes will

When the road you are trudging

Seem all uphill

When the funds are low

And the debts are high

And you want to smile

But you have to sigh

When care is pressing you down

A bit

Rest if you must

But don't you quit.

Life is queer

With its twists and turns

As every one of us

Sometimes learns

And many a failure

Turns about

And he might have won

Had he struck it out

Don't give up though

The pace seems slow

You may succeed

With another blow

Success is failure

Turned inside out

The silver tint

Of the clouds of doubt

And you be near

When it seems so far.

So stick to fight

When you are hardest hit

Its when things seem worst

Believe in Allah & you must never quit.

And our Lord says:

" may be that you dislike a thing and it is good for you ,and that you like a thing and it is bad for you. Allh knows but you do not know."(2:216)

So, leave no room for despair,hope for the best and be positive always!

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