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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 4th August 2018 22:30
"Through recollection of Allah [Zikr], false speech disappears along with trivial play and
foolishness [that are on the tongue]. And through diminishing food, the vapors in the blood
diminish as does lust, and the mind returns to being engaged with Allah and His Apostle."
Sayyadi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh.

"If a lamp is fed, its light grows brighter. If it is neglected, it remains the way it was.
This is how the knowers of Allah are, when they hear the words of the Prophet, Sallallahu
alaihi Wasallam, their lights grow bright and their Divine insights increase. If they hear
anyone else's words, they remain as they were."- Sayyadi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh.
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