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Calling out AlBalagh Academy webinar statements

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 15th January 2022 22:35

Enquiry sent on 1st January 2022
Deadline for response: 14 days
Response: No acknowledgement - No response

Assalamu Alaykum Shaykh Dr Rafaqat Rashid,

In reference to your webinar on YouTube, for the safety of the public I have 2 initial concerns to raise on statements made and I hope we receive an honest response for this.

Statement 1:
[Transcript from YouTube] You said:
At 63:34: "if a certain percentage of the community have a certain immunity to a particular virus which clearly is causing a lot of harm, there still is that skepticism people who who are still questioning covid uh whether it's actually uh no different to any typical virus."

Clarification requested:
What is the "clearly is causing a lot of harm" based on considering "covid" has never been isolated (CDC).

"The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has confirmed in writing they do not have any real-life, isolated, purified, sample of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and cannot provide any records about that virus, which allegedly causes COVID-19."

Please clarify what data of "harms and deaths" your statement is based on which drives your webinar's agenda. It is critical to note that "died with covid" is not in any way or form "died from covid" where the former is based on PCR tests that is proven to be fraudulent for the purpose of its use and is on video record from no other than the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR.

Kindly let us know what you based this claim on. Jazakumullah.

Statement 2:
[Transcript from YouTube] You stated:
At 63:52: "i mean all you need to do is just go to the your nearest muslim graveyard and you'll see the number of deaths that you would find at this time of year uh relative to this particular year in particular is quite large you know it's you must be completely on a different planet if you don't think that is infecting and causing deaths uh from that bit of perspective."

I personally did this for Leicester and found your statement to be far from the truth.
Context: Leicester: The city that's suffered the longest

Based on this, the most clear deaths should be Leicester so I got the stats from this city that has a large Muslim community.

As you can clearly see from this official data of ALL DEATHS in Leicester and not just Muslims, 2020 (covid year) had lower overall deaths than 2015, 2016 and 2017. Statistics are done per x and not just quantity. For example, 100 deaths are higher than 2 deaths. But 100 deaths from 100,000 (0.1%) is lower than 2 deaths in 100 (2%). So statistically the 2 deaths is actually higher. Looking at only number of deaths gives false stats and rulings derived from false information would be null and void. The same with using "cases" based on proven fraudulent PCR tests to determine cause of death.

There's public data similar to this gained through the Freedom of Information Act for other parts of the country and every single one shows lower deaths in 2020 in relation to population of and city as well as numbers alone.

Requesting clarification:
What public statistical death data did you base your statement on where if we don't see it then we must be from another planet?

This email will be published online after 14 days along with your response inshaAllah. I hope you can clarify the above by providing your data or by retracting your statements and considering a follow up webinar to correct the false information.

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Spinistan Throne
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 18th January 2022 11:30
At the time of the webinar, Shaykh Dr Rafaqat Rashid ( said that he was hesitant towards taking the vaccines.

I understand he is a general practitioner under the National Health Service.

Although this is a private matter, I wonder if he has taken the vaccine yet since his employer now says that it is mandatory for him to be vaccinated if he is direct contact with patients or has a health exemption. I highly doubt that he can be exempt on health reasins. I have looked into this angle and there is very little scope. Any health reason given, he will be told he must take the vaccine. I also understand that if an application of exemption is made in the UK and is rejected, there is no appeal system. The verdict is final

So its either stay in the NHS or quit, I wonder what it would be.

If he is still hesitant on taking the vaccine, what is the reason?

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