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ibn Ismail
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 2nd February 2015 14:10


The Reasons and Remedy

There are a number of Aayat (verses) of the Qur’an and Ahadith, and Ta’leem (teachings) stemming from them, which reveal the true cause of the current state of utter disgrace and humiliation the Ummah is currently wallowing in. Such Aayat and Ahadith are generally received by us with complete indifference, uncomfortable silences, and even implicit kufr-type rejection.

The reason for such discomfort and implicit rejection is simple. Sincere contemplation and acceptance of such teachings would threaten our very own personal indulgences in the Dunya (this ephemeral world) many of which are transgressions into the Haraam (forbidden) and Mushtabah (doubtful) territories of the Shariah. It would induce introspection into our own lives and the lives of those close to us. It would coerce our consciences into embarking on a thorough examination of how each one of us are personally responsible for Allah’s Wrath upon this Ummah. It would lead to a bitter realisation that many of our transgressions into the Mushtabah (doubtful) domain of Allah’s Shariah are not real necessities, but are dispensable luxuries that only serve to increase our attachment to the Dunya – the very anti-thesis of our purpose in this life.

However, we would much rather allow Shaytaan to divert our attention away from own lives, the true reason behind Allah’s Wrath and Punishment, and instead soothe our guilty consciences by scapegoating the likes of the Kuffaar enemies of Islam, U.S.A., Israel, ruthless tyrants, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, etc. all of which are merely manifestations of Allah’s Wrath and Punishment upon this Ummah due to our negligence and recklessness with regards to the sacred bounds of Allah’s glorious Shariah.Our minds and restricted tunnel-vision, influenced and colonized by the effects of westernism and crass materialism, allow us only to see the material causes and effects of our degradation.

We desperately cling onto those reasons which we want to believe to be the reasons for our failure, whether it be military, political, technological, strategic, etc. whilst we conveniently ignore the clear, explicit words of the Creator of all causes, effects, and means, Who revealed through Wahi (Revelation) the exact reasons for our abject humiliation.

In this thread will be a series of articles containing such Aayat and Ahadith which will leave no person, who reflects sincerely on them, in any doubt that the catastrophes and calamities that are currently afflicting the Ummah are merely a Divine Punishment from the Causer of all Causes, Allah (azza wa jal), the Most Just, as a direct consequence of our inordinate desire to seek loopholes and ways to avoid complete submission to the pure orthodox Shariah.

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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 2nd February 2015 15:30



Why Are Our Duas (Prayers) For the Ummah Not Being Answered?


Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“You people should continue to enjoin people towards the doing of righteous deeds and you should continue to prohibit them from evil; otherwise Allah will put into authority over you the worst of people to rule over you. At such time the best from among you will pray to Allah (for deliverance) and your prayers will go unanswered.’.’ (Jami-us-Sagheer) 

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“By Him in Whose Hand is Muhammad’s life, the detachments of Islam will return, one by one, only when ‘Allah’, ‘Allah’, is called and you enjoin peity and forbid evil. If you do not, then Allah will empower the worst of men over you and they will torment you in the most severe way and then pious among you will pray but will get no answer…” (Majma az-Zawaid)

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“…As for those who neglect to enjoin piety and forbid evil, their deeds do not get recognition and their prayers are not answered.” (as-Sunan al-Kubra)

Sayyidah Ayshah (radhiyallahu anha) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) came home gasping. He said nothing but performed ablution and went away. She sat in her room and he went on the pulpit, praised Allah and said:

“Allah commands you to enjoin piety and forbid evil, or you will pray to Him and He will not give an answer and you will ask Him for something but He will not give you anything and you will seek His Help which will not be forthcoming.” (Ibn Majah)

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“When my Ummah regards the worlds as great (and significant) the might of Islam will be lost to them. When they abandon enjoining of piety and forbidding of evil, they will be deprived of the blessing of Wahy.” (Kashf ul-Khafa)

Narrated Sayyiduna Anas (Radhiyallahu anhu) that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said,

“A time will come to people when a Mu’min (believer) invoking (Allah) in favour of Muslims won’t be answered. Allah will say (to him), “Ask for your own self and the requirements you need, I will accept it, and nothing that concerns the general masses for they have enraged me”. In another Hadith it is said “I am wroth with them”. [Kitaab-ur-Riqaaq]

Hadhrat Abu Dardaa’ (radhiyallahu anhu) said:

 “Continue with Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar otherwise Allah Ta’ala will appoint over you a tyrannical ruler who will neither respect your elders nor have mercy on your little ones. Then, the pious among you will supplicate (make dua) to Allah Ta’ala, but their duas will not be accepted. You will appeal (to Allah) for help, but you will not be aided. You will repent, but it too will be rejected.”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“By Him in Whose Hand is Muhammad’s life, you just continue to enjoin piety and forbid evil and restrain the hand of the foolish and induce him to come towards the Truth. (If you do not do so) then Allah will cause you to split and subject you to trial and curse as those people had been cursed.” (Tirmidhi, Mu’jam Kabir)

Imam Sufyan Thowri (Rahmatullah Alayh) relates that such a severe drought came over Bani Israel once that because of lack of food the people picked up dead animals from the dirt-heaps to eat. It finally became so bad that people even began to eat human flesh. The people became so bewildered and troubled that for days and days they proceeded to the deserts and onto the mountains to pray for rain.

Then Allah spoke to the Prophets of that time through Revelation:

“Even f your tongues become dry from all the prayers you say (while calling on Me) and even though you lift up your hands in prayer till they reach the very heavens, I shall not show any Mercy to any of you who cry and wail so bitterly until you people discard all your unjust dealings and unfair treatment among yourselves.”

Once Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said with much emphasis and urgency:

“By Him in Whose Hand my life lies, you shall continue to exhort others towards righteousness and continue to prohibit them from the doing of evil. Otherwise Allah will send down upon you such calamities and punishment that you will pray to Him but He will not answer you.”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“You shall continue to command others towards righteous deeds and continue to prohibit them from evil before such a time will dawn that you will beg of Allah and He will not answer your prayers.”

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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2015 14:53



Bashar Assad, al-Sisi, Hosni Mubarak, Gaddafi – Our Ugly Reflection

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Just as you are, so too will rulers be appointed over you.

Hadhrat Isaa (alayhis salaam) supplicated to Allah Ta’ala:

“O my Rabb! What is the sign to indicate that you are pleased with Your creation?” 

Allah Ta’ala said:

“I cause the rains to descend when it is time for sowing the seeds, and I withhold the rains when it is time to harvest the crop. I appoint benevolent men to rule over them. I assign their monetary affairs to generous persons.”

Nabi Isaa (alayhis salaam) said:

“O my Rabb! What is the sign of your wrath on your creation?”

Allah Ta’ala said:

“I send the rains when they harvest the crops, and I withhold the rains when they sow the seeds. I appoint ignoramuses to rule them, and I assign their monetary affairs to their miserly ones.”

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Allah Ta’ala says: ‘I am Allah. There is no deity except Me. I am the King of kings. The hearts of kings are in My Hands when the people obey Me, I turn the hearts of the rulers with benevolence and mercy towards them. Verily, when the people disobey Me. I turn the hearts of the rulers with wrath and vengeance towards them. Then they (the rulers) inflict severe punishment on them. Therefore do not become involved with cursing the rulers. On the contrary engage yourself with thikr and humility so that I protect you against the tyranny of your rulers.”

Hadhrat Ali (radhiyallahu anhu) said:

“Verily, when Allah Ta’ala becomes wrathful on a nation whose destruction He has not ordained by means of earthquakes and disfigurement, then He causes prices to soar; He withholds rain, and He appoints the worst of people to be their rulers.”

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

‘Verily, Allah Azza Wa Jal says: ‘I extract vengeance from those on whom is My Wrath with others on whom is My Wrath. Then ultimately I shall cast them all (both groups) into Jahannum”

“Don’t revile the rulers. Supplicate to Allah for their rectitude, for verily, their rectitude is linked to your rectitude.” (i.e. if you reform yourselves, the rulers will become reformed.)

“I take oath by Him in whose control is my life! Command righteous and prohibit evil. (If you do not) then the vilest among you will be appointed rulers over you. Your pious people will then supplicate, but their duas will not be accepted.”

Rulers are the reflections of the deeds of the masses. The rulers are mirrors in which the citizens can view their own deeds. A corrupt people will be saddled with tyrannical and corrupt rulers. Thus Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Your deeds are your rulers”.

[Unintelligent to Revile One’s Own Ugly Reflection]

Since the rulers are our reflections in the mirror, it is unintelligent to revile our own ugly reflection we see in the mirror. If a beautiful image is desired to be reflected in the mirror, it is necessary for the object in front of the mirror to be beautiful. A very ugly ignorant man who had never seen a mirror in his life once picked up a broken mirror. When he looked in it, he saw his own ugly face. In disgust he threw the mirror to the ground and exclaimed: “No wonder you have been thrown away!” This buffoon reviled the mirror for his own ugliness which was reflected in it. This is the condition of people who revile the rulers. They in fact revile themselves in the same way that the buffoon had thrown away the mirror and reviled it.

In the Hadith Qudsi, we are instructed to reform ourselves and become obedient servants of Allah Ta’ala. He will then either reform and tenderize the hearts of the tyrannical rulers or replace them with kind, benevolent rulers. It is quite obvious from the many Ahaadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as well as stemming from the Qur’aan-e-Hakeem that in general cruel and oppressive rulers are the consequences of the evils of the masses, and that the solution for the oppression and tyranny is not vilification of the tyrants. On the contrary, it is selfvilification, soul-searching, regret and repentance.

Moral reformation and submission to the Shariah of Allah Azza Wa Jal will bring about a peaceful revolution which will see either the change of heart of the rulers or their replacement by benevolent rulers. It is also quiet clear that the basic theme of all the Ahaadith on this subject is self-reformation, for only such reformation is the enduring solution for the tyranny of oppressors.

[The Real Problem is Not Bashar Assad, al-Sisi, America, Israel etc.]

However, shaitaan has succeeded in casting the Ummah into the massive deception of believing that the problem is for example Hosni Mubarak, Gadhaafi, Asad and the host of other kuffaar and munaafiqs who are today at the helm of affairs in the lands of Islam. These tyrants are merely the reflections of the moral degradation, bid’ah, fisq, fujoor and kufr in which the Ummah is today wallowing in a drunken stupor.

Removal and killing of the tyrants without moral reformation and submission to the Sunnah is simply the substitution of one system of tyranny for another system of tyranny. The scenario of substitution of tyrannies comes within the scope of the Hadith Qudsi (mentioned above) in which Allah Azza Wa Jal says that both groups – the oppressors and the oppressed who replace the former oppressors – are Mabghoodh Alayhim, i.e. the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala has settled on them. Both groups of scum will be swept into Jahannum. This is the situation prevailing currently in the Arab lands in the aftermath of the so-called stupid ‘Arab Spring’. Both groups are Mabgoodh Alayhim.

The other form of punishment mentioned in the Ahaadith for a flagrantly transgressing and rebellious Ummah when their final destruction has not yet been ordained, but is divinely schemed to be gradual and incremental, is drought, scarcity of essential foodstuff, soaring prices, pestilence, infighting, etc. Then when the hour dawns for the ultimate decree of annihilation, no respite will be granted.

“And, when We decide to destroy a place (town/city, i.e. its people), we command its affluent ones (that is, we grant them leeway to transgress recklessly). Then they indulge in transgression. Thus the decree (of punishment) is ordained for them. Then We utterly destroy them.”

“And, when their appointed time (of annihilation) arrives, it will not be delayed a moment nor advanced.” (Qur’aan)

As long as Muslims fail to understand that every particle moves by the direct intervention and command of Allah Azza Wa Jal and that the oppression which rulers inflict on the populace is the decree ofAllah Ta’ala, and the solution for such tyranny is Inaabat ilallaah (Turning to Allah with Repentance), they will remain sinking in an abyss of moral degradation and humiliation to remain the slaves of the western kuffaar.

“And not a leaf falls (from a tree) but He is aware of it….”

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#4 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd February 2015 15:35

Ref. Maariful Qur'an, Vol. 7 pgs 76-77
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#5 [Permalink] Posted on 5th February 2015 12:19


There is no gainsaying that the Muslim Ummah of this era is a fallen and a downtrodden people wallowing in disgrace and misery. This miserable condition of the Ummah is up for public display. Self-appointed physicians are trying to diagnose the ills of this Ummah and prescribe remedies and solutions.

But these physicians, themselves corrupt and part of the disease, have no understanding of the problem, hence the solutions they offer for the cure of the Ummah’s maladies of disgrace, weakness and cowardice, are completely ineffective. When they lack understanding of the problem and the malady, how can they correctly prescribe? Their erroneous diagnosis followed by harmful remedies serve to o*nly complicate the already humiliating situation of the Ummah.


The squint-eyed self-appointed physicians, looking at the ills of the Ummah with their oblique vision, have diagnosed the malady of the Ummah to be the superior technology of the kuffaar. In view of the superiority of the kuffaar’s technology and sophistication in every sphere of mundane life, the misguided doctors of the Ummah have concluded that the tyranny and oppression of the kuffaar (the U.S.A., Britain, Israel and the West in general) are the cause of the misery of the Muslim community world-wide.

But this diagnosis is seriously flawed. In fact, it is utterly baseless and in conflict with the Qur’aan Majeed’s and the Ahadith’s diagnosis and with the remedy which Allah Ta’ala and His Rasool (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) have prescribed for the Ummah when it finds itself suffering from the present type of cancer.


The kuffaar with all their superior technology and sophistication are the creations of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Those who attribute the disgrace and misery of today’s Ummah to the kuffaar are unable to understand that the kuffaar domination over the Ummah and their oppression of Muslims are the symptoms, not the causes of our malady.

Those Muslims who emulate and follow the kuffaar lack the intelligence to comprehend that kuffaar domination and the havoc it wroughts when it goes beserk in the lands of the Muslims is similar to the effects and consequences of an earthquake, volcano eruption, hurricane, flood or any other disaster descending at the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Just as it is absurd and utterly stupid to criticize and villify an earthquake which has caused its havoc, so too is it Islamically irrational and downright stupid to blame the U.S.A. and other kuffaar for the oppression, brutality and tyranny which they are wroughting in the lands of Islam.

The defective thinking of Muslims and their baseless diagnosis and harmful solutions are the product of a kind of mental derangement which Allah Ta’ala afflicts the mind with as a form of punishment. In this regard the Qur’aan states:

“And He (Allah) casts filth o*n those who lack intelligence” (Aayat 100, Surah Yunoos)“…..Verily there has settled upon you from your Rabb rijs (filth) and ghadhab (wrath)….” ( Aayat 71, Surah A’raaf)“Similarly does Allah afflict with rijs (filth) those who lack Imaan…..” (Aayat 125, Surah An’aam)

On account of this mental derangement caused by a Divine affliction on the minds of those who have appointed the kuffaar as their guides, they are unable to understand what ails the Ummah inspite of the clear directions and unambiguous diagnosis offered by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Kuffaar domination is a manifestation of Allah’s Attribute of Wrath (Mazhar-e-Ghadhab) in exactly the same way as an earthquake or a hurricane is a manifestation of Allah’s Wrath. Such manifestations of Allah’s Ghadhab is a punishment for our transgression. When the transgression exceeds all bounds and the point of no return has been reached, Allah’s Athaab descends on the Ummah. Kuffaar domination is one such form of Allah’s Ghadhab.Confirming this fact, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“…..We sent against you Our servants who were powerful in warfare. Then they penetrated the homes (of the Believers). And that (calamity of the kuffaar on you) was a promise decreed (by Allah).” (Aayat 5 Bani Israaeel)…….”(Then on the second occasion of the transgression)…..they (the kuffaar army) disfigured your faces and penetrated the Musjid (i.e.Musjidul Aqsaa) and they utterly destroyed everything they overran.”(Aayat 7 Bani Israaeel).

The Qur’aan puts it very clearly. There is no ambiguity in these verses. The message is stated explicitly that on account of the then Muslim Ummah’s transgression Allah Ta’ala sent His punishment on the Muslims in the form of kuffaar armies which overran Palestine, brutalized its people, penetrated and defiled Musjidul Aqsaa, and flattened everything in an orgy of anarchy and seemingly senseless violence. But all these episodes of misery were by the Command of Allah Ta’ala enacted as a punishment for the Ummah of Bani Israaeel which was the Muslim community of that time.


The Qur’aanic description, ‘Servants unto Us” or “Our servants” is very significant. Inspite of the kuffaar being the enemies of Allah Ta’ala, the Qur’aan describes them in this aayat as being Allah’s servants. There are two reasons for this description:

(1) They are the creation of Allah Ta’ala.

(2) In the context of this aayat they were constrained to act against the Muslims by Divine Decree which is mentioned at the end of the aayat No.6 of Bani Israaeel.

Since Allah Ta’ala had despatched the kuffaar army (in the way He had despatched the Western Coalition and Alliance of the U.S.A.) against the Muslims, the Qur’aan refers to them as “Servants unto Us.” In other words these kuffaar are a manifestation of “Our Punishment”. Just as the earthquakes, the rain, the wind, etc. are Allah’s servants and act in accordance with His command, so too does Allah Ta’ala sometimes harness the kuffaar as a manifestation of His Wrath to punish Muslims for their rebellion and transgression. This is exactly what is happening today all over the Muslim world.


The anarchy and misery presently reigning in Palestine, the humiliating defeat of the Taalibaan, the surrender and imprisonment of the Arab Mujaahideen laguishing in cages in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and the brutal Hindu repression and murder of thousands of Muslims in India, and the defeats which Muslims are suffering on all fronts at the hands of the kuffaar are adequately explained by the two Qur’aanic verses of Surah Bani Israaeel (Aayat 5 and 7).

Muslims are defeated, not because of the superiority of the American military power nor because the Taalibaan lacked air defences, etc. But purely on account of the Ummah’s transgression and violation of the sacred Pledge of Imaan.


Allah Ta’ala had bestowed to the Palestinian Muslims a good few years of peace. During the peace treaty with Israel regardless of the humiliating terms of the pact granting them limited independence and self-rule, it was a golden opportunity to consolidate themselves and prepare. But without Deeni progress—without moral reformation and spiritual development—it is inconceivable that Muslims can ever consolidate their position and prepare themselves to meet the kuffaar head-on.


Instead of emulating the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and turning to Islam, they went overboard in their emulation of the American kuffaar. The kuffaar life-style was adopted in entirety. More and more dens of vice mushroomed in Palestine. Musjidul Aqsaa was neglected and starved of Musallis. only on Jumuah would the Musjid fill up. But for the five daily Salaat, the Musjid stood a silent witness shedding its tears and invoking la’nat on the Muslims who were desecrating and defiling it with their absence and their evil which they perpetrated right within the environment of the Musjid.

The Deen was increasingly driven out and displaced from the lives of the Muslim Palestinians. In almost every aspect they emulated the very Yahood and Christians whom they were supposedly fighting and who were proclaimed as their enemies.


In Surah Bani Israaeel the Qur’aan speaks of the defeat, disgrace and destruction of the Ummah at the hands of the kuffaar sent against the Muslims by Allah Ta’ala. After Bani Israaeel was thoroughly humiliated and punished severely with kuffaar brutality, they repented and made many promises of reforming themselves. Allah Ta’ala accepted their Taubah, and granted them victory over the kuffaar. But Allah Ta’ala along with bestowing His mercy on them, warned them of dire consequences should they again lapse into transgression. Thus the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Soon will your Rabb have mercy on you. However, if you return (to your transgression), then We too will return (to our punishmen).” (Aayat Bani Israaeel)


Generally the punishment which Allah Ta’ala inflicts on Muslims in this world is not the ultimate punishment designed to eliminate them. It is a lesser punishment brought to jolt Muslims into realisation, taubah (repentence) and inaabat (turning to Allah Ta’ala in obedience). The Qur’aan Majeed states in this regard:

“We did not send a Nabi to a city, but We afflicted its inhabitants (on account of their rejection and transgression) with calamities and hardships, so that they become humble.” (Aayat 94 Surah A’raaf)“Anarchy (and corruption) has appeared on the land and in the ocean because of the (evil deeds) which the hands of people have earned, so that He (Allah) causes them to taste ( the consequences) of some of (their mischief) which they had committed. Perhaps they will return (to the obedience of Allah).” (Aayat 41 Sura Room)“And We shall most assuredly afflict them with the lesser punishment before the greater punishment, so that they return (to the obedience of Allah).” (Aayat 21 Surah As-Sajdah)

In the wake of inordinate transgression comes Allah’s lesser punishment to jolt people into realisation and to make them humble so that they submit to the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala. But when they ignore this trial, Allah’s Athaab settles on them permanently and effaces them. This was the fate of great and powerful people and empires of the past. The same fate overtook the the Empire and Ummah of Islam. Now in this era, Allah Ta’ala had given some Muslim communities opportunities to reform themselves and turn to Allah Ta’ala in submission. But the Palestinians turned their backs on the golden opportunity which Allah Ta’ala had bestowed to them.


Their peace pact with Israel had the ingredients of Rasulullah’s Treaty of Hudaibiyyah. But they scattered it to the winds and they are today tasting Allah’s punishment in the form of anarchy and misery stemming from the brutality of “Allah’s Servants” (the Qur’aanic description), the kuffaar of Israel.

So utterly demoralising and severe is this punishment on the Arabs that inspite of their great numerical superiority (200 million Arabs compared to 3 million Yahood), and inspite of their military superiority (the combined armies, navies and airforces of a dozen or more countries), the Palestinians and the whole Arab World lay prostrate in disgrace and defeat at the feet of Israeli women. More than half of Israel’s armed forces consist of women. Undoubtedly, the description which Allah Ta’ala Himself gives to the kuffaar armies which He had despatched against the bygone Muslim Ummah, i.e the description of “Ulee ba’sin shadeed” (powerful in warefare) fits the Israeli kuffaar. It now pays no dividends to hurl vituperation against Israel.


Rather, the appropriate action in these circumstances will be self-appraisal, self-criticism and shame for our own humiliation —that we have sunk to such vile and pitiable levels of degradation and cowardice that, we whose forefathers (the Sahaabah, Taabieen and Tabe-Taabieen) had raised the Flag of Islam,on the hilltops of the world and who had crushed the might of the Roman and Christian empires, have become so impotent that we are unable to fight and defeat a handful of Yahoodi girls.

Shame on these disobedient servants of Allah Ta’ala. We deserve the kuffar spitting in our faces. When we, ourselves, have become spineless, jelly-like cowards as a consequence of trampling on the Qur’aan Majeed and mocking the Divine Shariah with our flagrant disobedience. We have no right to vilify those kuffaar whom Allah Ta’ala has sent against us and whom He has designated with the appelation, “Servants unto Us”— to punish us, just as we have no right for vituperation against an earthquake which stikes us as an act of Divine punishment. Why? “For perhaps you, O Believers, will get some sense, open your eyes, return to Islam, repent and take up the Standard of Islam and place it on the hilltops of the world from where the kuffaar have torn it off in disgrace and substituted it with their own flags of kufr.

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#6 [Permalink] Posted on 6th February 2015 16:30


The Only Weapon System & 'Technology' to Reconquer Palestine


“And, in the Book, We declared to the children of Isra’il: ‘You will surely spread disorder on the earth twice, and you will surely show arrogance, a great arrogance.

So, when came the time appointed for the first of the two, We sent upon you some servants belonging to us having strong aggressive power, who combed through the houses. And it was a promise bound to be fulfilled.

Then We gave you your turn to overpower them, and increased your strength with wealth and sons, and made you greater in number.

If you do good, you will do it for yourselves, and if you do evil, it will be for you, too. Later, when came the time appointed for the second, (We sent others) so that they spoil your faces, and so that they enter into the Mosque as the former ones had entered it the first time and destroy what they overpower, totally.

May be your Lord would bestow mercy upon you. And if you do this again, We shall do that again. And We have made Jahannam a prison for the disbelievers.

[Surah Al-Isra, Verses 4-8]


The outcome of the events mentioned above is that Allah Ta’ala had decreed that the Bani Isra’il will be successful, having the best of both worlds, the material and the spiritual, as long as they continue to obey Allah. But, whenever they deviate from the dictates of Faith, they shall be put to disgrace, and that they would be subjected to punishment at the hands of enemies and disbelievers. Then, not only that the enemies will run over them destroying their lives and properties, but it would also happen that their Qiblah, their sacred Baytul-maqdis, will also not remain safe against the onslaught of that enemy. Their disbelieving enemies will barge into the Mosque of Baytul-maqdis and defile and damage it. This too will be a part of the punishment of Bani Isra’il themselves.

The Holy Qur’an has told us about two events relating to them. The first one dates back to the time of Mosaic religious law while the second pertains to the Christian. During both these periods, the Bani Isra’il rebelled against the divine law of the time. In the first case, a disbelieving Magian monarch was made to sit over them, and Baytul-maqdis, who brought great destruction upon them. In the second case, a Roman emperor was set against them who killed and pillaged and made Baytul-maqdis all demolished and rendered desolate. And along with this description, it has also been mentioned that the Bani Isra’il – when, on both occasions, they repented from their misdeeds resolving not to go near them again – Allah Ta’ala reinstated their country, wealth and children.

After having mentioned these two events, Allah Ta’ala declared His Law in such matters by saying: (If you do this again, We shall do that again – 8). This law which means – ‘if you return to disobedience and contumacy, We shall, once again, make a similar penalty and punishment zoom back upon you’ – has been declared as valid right through the last day of Qiyamah. That its addressees were the people of Bani Isra’il who were present during the blessed time of the Holy Prophet serves as a reminder to them. It is being pointed out to them that they should not forget that they were seized by divine punishment twice when they had first opposed the code of Sayyidna Musa, and then the code of Sayyidna Isa.

Now this was the period of the Code of laws brought by the Holy Prophet . This was a period that will continue up to the Last Day. Let them, therefore, realize that the fate of those who chose to be hostile to it will turn out to be no different. Consequently, this was actually happened. These people became hostile to Islam and the religious code of laws brought by the Holy Prophet . When they did that, they were expelled and disgraced at the hands of Muslims, and finally Baytul-maqdis, their Qiblah, too came under Muslim control. However, the only difference was that their past conquering kings had treated them disgracefully and had desecrated their Qiblah too. Now when Muslims took over Baytul-maqdis, they reconstructed the great Mosque of al-Quds ash-Sharif which was lying demolished and desolate for centuries and thereby reinstated the honour and reverence of the Qiblah of prophets.

The Events of Bani Isra’il are a Lesson for Muslims and What Has Happened to Baytul-maqdis in Our Time is a Part of the Same Chain

Obviously, the purpose of narrating these events relating to the Bani Isra’il in the Qur’an and making Muslims listen to them is to let Muslims understand that they are no exceptions to this divine law. Be it this mortal world or the eternal universe of their Faith, their honour and ascendancy, possessions and wealth are inseparably tied with obedience to Allah. Whenever they veer away from their obedience to Allah and the Holy Prophet , their enemies and disbelieving tyrants of all sorts shall be empowered to prevail over them. When this happens, the desecration of their places of worship will also not remain too far.

The calamity of the Jewish usurpation of Baytul-maqdis in our time and the added sacrilege of setting fire to it has thrown the world of Islam into acute anxiety. In reality, it is confirming the Qur’an. Muslims forgot Allah and His Rasul, ignored the life waiting for them in the Hereafter and opted to scrounge for their share in the glamour and grandeur of the mortal world. When they became aliens to the dictates of the Qur’an, and Sunnah, the same divine law stood activated before them.

A few hundred thousand Jews overcame them. They also inflicted the loss of life and property on them. Worse still is the fate of one of the three greatest mosques of the world according to the religious law of Islam, a mosque that has the distinction of being the Qiblah of all prophets. It was snatched from them and those who took it over had a track record of being the most disgraced people in this world, that is, the Jews.

In addition to that, it is common observation that these people stand nowhere close to Muslims in terms of their numbers, nor do they have some significant superiority over the current collective Muslim holdings of war materials. This also tells us that this event does not really give Jews any niche of honour in the annals of world nations.

However, it does provide punishment for Muslims in return for their disobedience. It clearly shows that everything that came to pass came as the punishment of our own misdeeds. And it also shows that there is no remedy for it except that we should feel ashamed of our misdeeds, make a genuine taubah (repentance), start obeying the commandments of Allah, become true Muslims and shun the great sins of imitating and trusting others. If we were to do just that, insha’Allah, true to the Divine promise, Baytul-maqdis and Palestine shall return to us. But, it is regrettable that the present-day Arab rulers and common Muslims living in Arab lands have yet to be alerted to that reality. They are still relying on foreign assistance while making plans of taking Baytul-maqdis back, something that does not appear to be probable, at least outwardly. Where else shall we lodge our plaint but Allah!

The only weapon system and military hardware with which Baytul-maqdis and Palestine can return to Muslim hands are still there waiting to be picked up – Return to Allah, genuinely and passionately.

Have certitude of Akhirah. Obey the injunctions of the Shari’ah. Stay away from imitating and trusting others in our social and political goals. Finally, let us place our trust in Allah and wage a purely Islamic Jihad as enjoined by the Shari’ah. May Allah Ta’ala give our Arab rulers and other Muslims the ability to answer the challenge effectively.

A Strange Coincidence

Allah Ta’ala has made two places on this Earth to serve as the Qiblah or orientation for those who worship Him, the Baytul-maqdis and the Baytullah. But, the divine law relating to each of them is different. That Baytullah shall be protected and that disbelievers shall never take it over is a security concern that Allah Ta’ala has taken it upon Himself. The Event of the Elephant mentioned in Surah al-Fil (105) of the Holy Qur’an came as its result. When the Christian king of Yaman (Abrahah al-Ashram) invaded Baytullah, Allah Ta’ala destroyed him and his army along with the contingent of elephants he had brought, through birds, much before he could reach Baytullah.

But, this law does not apply in the case of Baytul-maqdis. Instead, as the verses cited above tell us, when Muslims go astray and start indulging in disobedience and sin, this Qiblah will be snatched away from them and it will pass into the control of disbelievers.

“And when We intend to destroy a habitation, We command its affluent people (to do good), then they commit sins therein, and thus the word (of punishment) becomes due against it (habitation) and We annihilate it totally.

And how many a generation We have destroyed after Nuh! And enough is your Lord to know, (and) watch the sins of His servants.” [Surah Al-Isra, 16-17]

Previous verses said that it is the customary practice of Allah Ta’ala that he does not send punishment upon a people until the commandments of Allah reach them through the blessed prophets which they still refuse to obey. Given in the verses cited above is what happens on the other side when the messages of Allah and His Messenger do reach a people and they still show contumacy, then, a mass punishment is sent over them…

Thus it comes to mean: ‘When Allah Ta’ala sends punishment on a certain people, its initial sign is that the number of the reckless rich is increased among them and they, through their spate of sins, become the cause of making the punishment descend upon the entire people.’

The outcome of the first qira’ah is that such affluent people are made the rulers of a people. The outcome of the second qira’ah is that the number of such people is increased in that society. Both versions show that the government of the ‘affluent’ or the abundance of such people in a society is not something to be happy about, rather, is a sign of divine punishment.

Let us recapitulate. When Allah Ta’ala is angry with a people and intends to make a punishment descend upon them, there appears an initial sign of it. People who love to wallow in wealth and power are made the ruling custodians of their affairs, or, even if they do not become their actual political rulers, the number of such people is increased among a people. In both these cases, the result is the same. Drunk with the pleasures they can buy, acquire or appropriate with their affluence and influence, they start caring less for anything else, disobey the will and command of Allah personally as well as lead the trail for others to follow in their footsteps. In consequence, comes the punishment of Allah Ta’ala all over them.

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#7 [Permalink] Posted on 19th February 2015 17:33


The Tyranny of Rulers is the The Result of Our Own Evildoing, And A Punishment From Allah


By Hazrat Shaykh Manzoor Numani in Ma’riful Hadith

It is narrated by Abu Darda (radhiyallahu anhu) that Rasulullah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said: “Allah says:

“I, alone, am Allah, and there is no Deity save Me. I am the King of Kings, the Lord of the Lords. The hearts of the sovereigns (kings and rulers) of the world are in my Hands, (and). (My practice is) that when My bondsmen obey Me, I incline the hearts of their rulers with love and compassion towards them and when they take to the path of transgression and disobedience, I turn the hearts of their rulers with anger and punishment against them, and then, they oppress them severely. Thus, do not engage yourselves in cursing the ruler, but turn to Me in remembrance and earnest repentance so that I may suffice for you in deliverance from the tyranny and despotism of the rulers.” (Abu Na’eem)


For everything that takes place in the world, good or evil, there are some apparent and some hidden reasons. In this Tradition, the holy Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) had declared, in the words of the Lord Himself that the type of rulers people get and the way they govern is, in fact, the outcome of their own deeds and actions. The standing command and proclamation of the Supreme Being, the Author of all things, is that:

“I am King of Kings, the Lord of the Lords. The hearts of the rulers are in My control, and My practice is that when people, on the whole lead a life of submission and obedience, I produce affection and benevolence for them in the hearts of their rulers, while if they, in general, take to the path of intransigence and wrong doing, I give rise to feelings of anger and cruelty in their rulers hearts.

In fact, it is My Wrath and Displeasure, and the rulers are, only, the instruments. So, when the rulers are unjust and cruel, do not curse them as it will avail nothing, but remember Me, feel genuinely sorry for your misdeeds, seek My forgiveness, and reform your ways. It is the only way to obtain relief from oppression and injustice of the rulers.”

[Ma'riful Hadith]

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