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Dialogue between TarTari princess and a Scholar

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st September 2014 17:58
Assalamu alaykum

An interesting Tweet by Br. JJ in Urdu.

I have tried to translate it here:

A Dialogue between Muslim Scholar and daughter of Halakoo Khan

Princess: Do you believe in Allah?

Scholar: Yes we do.

Princess: You believe that Allah gives power to some one whom he likes.

Scholar: Very true.

Princess: We have over powered you by wish of Allah.

Scholar: True

Princess: So it implies Allah loves us more than you.

Scholar: False!!!

Princess: How?

Scholar: Have you seen a Shepard?

Princess: Yes; We have seen.

Scholar: He keeps a few dogs behind the flock of sheep.

Princess: True there are dogs.

Scholar: When a few sheep go wild and leave the flock and they don't obey the Shepard, what will he do?

Princess: He sets his dogs behind these sheep until they return to the flock.

Scholar: And till when do the dogs hunt the sheep?

Princess: Until the sheep return to the Shepard.

Scholar: So you Tartarees are like dogs set free behind Muslims by Allah SWT. Till the time we move away from Allah SWT and until we surrender ourselves to Allah SWT, Allah SWT shall send you to hunt us. Your responsibility ends the day we surrender ourselves to Allah SWT.


May Allah SWT take us backwards until we join the safs of Sahabah karam Radiallahum ajmayeen.
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