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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 2nd December 2006 08:26
Asalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullah

inshaAllah all of you are well,sorry wasn't sure where to put this exactley, forgive me if i'm in the wrong forum section.

If anyone here seriously web-designs please let me know. We are currently looking for a web-designer for an Islamic site. The domain name,hosting company, etc. are already bought. Since news of the site isn't too out there i do not wish to give out too much information about it, but if you are interested read on inshaAllah.

We would like for the site to be professional looking yet very simple and casual at the same time, there is going to be a lot of info on the site, so very organized. Serisouly looking for someone how has the time on their hands..not someone who does this stuff on free time... since InshaAllah it's actually going to be a real working site.

I beleive there may be a few sisters and brothers who are in this field and visit this forum, so any of you interested? Please email Insha'Allah I'll fill you in some more, just let me know if you are web design savvy and your "specialties" and we'll talk from there inshaAllah. Sorry don't want to give away too much info, as its a working idea right now but please let me know.

Currently there are a few on again off again designers who help with small things, but we are looking for a permanet web-designer inshaAllah.

InshaAllah also let me know your "rate" and if you have none/work on a volunteer basis, we'll work something out inshaAllah. However due to lack of funding I am looking for something very "uncostly" i understand this can be hard in the field of web-design, but unfortunately there isn't any funding for the project at the moment..nonetheless if you do help out in any way we do hope to be able to give you something inshAllah, and if you do end up becoming teh "permanent designer" inshAllah we can work something out. Please email me anyways.


duas are always requested.
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