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What do you guys think about this regarding possession of shaitan?

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th March 2024 20:10
What do you guys think about this regarding possession of devils and heavy whisperings? ;;

First of all make a lot of towbah, dhikr, duas
and stay away from hidden shirk (research it if you dont know) and biddah.

Every human has a jinn in his heart that makes waswas.
But apart from this shaitan, other shaitan can only come and possess us when we commit sins.
And how strong they are in our body completely depends on our sins.
When you make towbah and you are freed from your sins, the permission that these shaiteen got from Allah to possess us also goes away and they die.
They are sort of a parasitic creature that Allah created thats why they are physically able to possess things.
They are fooling the alims by acting like they are dying or leaving the body when ruqyah is done, ruqiyah protects you from their evil. They do not die from ruqyah unless the sin is gone. They got permission from Allah to possess humans BUT THEY CANNOT LEAVE the body, they are physically unable to leave the body. Once they are in there is no out unless you die or them. They are fooling the alims they cannot leave the body with ruqiyah even if they want to.

For example if you have lied, made backbiting, slander or you don't pray , if you have done hidden shirk, you use ribah or every other major sin you have to make tawbah (and) pay kafarah for that shaitan to die. Ruqiyah will not kill the shaitan unless the sin is gone!!!!********
And tawbah is not enough if you need to pay kafarah, you need to do the kafarah for example, lying with wallahi, "if this happens, i will offer an animal to Allah" , "if this happens, i will clothe/feed pore people" , etc...
Sins also go away with doing good deeds like sadaqa and dhikr. Sadaqa destroys the shaiteen sadaqa wipes away sins. They physically suffer when your sins go like a parasite dying inside you.
They are trained by their fathers and they are ordered by them to hide. There is a tribe for each sin.
When they come and possess us after we commit a sin, they come and possess specific bodyparts that have to do with that specific sin, and they can be physically tortured on that bodypart. They can be tortured with Sadaqa/Dhikr, Towbah and physically. By torturing them you can make them speak easily and tell the truth inshAllah. (see video a shaitan that comes from the sin of Zakat sits in the kidneys and you can torture them physically and by giving sadaqa and zakat; youtu . be / UjaDP3oBlts )
When you commit shirk, thats when they take over the body from head to toe. In qabr kafirs will be hit with an iron hammer that would turn a whole mountain to dust with a single strike. Trust me the kafirs walk around and its as if the body isnt even theirs. The shaiteen are in them, they are averting them from the right way while they think that they're on the right way.

When other shaiteen apart from the one in our hearts come and possess us and get stronger due to our sins, this is when we get heavy whisperings etc. Like in your case. Yes we need to ignore the waswas but we also need to make tawbah. This is what most alims dont know.
Also everybody who has any of the major sins is certainly possessed by a shaitan and id say more than 98% of humans are possessed they are just hiding, just because you dont look possessed does not matter whatsoever, all of us commit sins.
This was just about possession of shaitan.

As for the waswas regarding wudu/ghusl etc.; All praise be to Allah who has reduced the tricks of shaitan to mere whisperings.
Imagine them as they are, cowards hiding in the body whispering to you. They enjoy ridiciuling and seeing the sons of Adam suffer.

Don't let them fool you. Remember how the thing you actually need to do is simple and look at how others are doing it simply.

First make a lot of dua to Allah to free you from this dhulm that you're doing to yourself (you're actually making this difficult for yourself by listening to the waswas etc.).
Read alot of surat Felaq, Nas and other dhikr.

Then, standard way to deal with whisperings is to ignore them completly once your body part is washed like it should, DO NOT wash it more, ignore those feelings that you are having completely. Ignoring those feelings and continuing to do the wudu/ghusl regardless will make it easy. You want it to be easy in the first place, right? Then do so.

Youtube channel about possesion of devils and making tawbah and killing them close to the sunnah (but it is only turkish unfortunately, find a turkish friend and talk with him about the videos.
They are completely destroying the devils like no one else i have seen. They have them on a leash like a dog. All the tricks of shaiteen are laid bare.):
youtu . be / qSEg4OP_TQ4
youtu . be / J6VLfHKVV1U
youtu . be / QnlNJGEucBo
youtu . be / Cjdp8Zt5R1M
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