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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 4th November 2023 14:12
Assalaamu alaikum

18 Rabi Al Thani 1445/ 3 November 2023

Please find attached a speech given by Sh.Eesam Amirah from the Mimbar of Musjdul Aqsa which I have typed out from a translation making its rounds on cellphone messages. I have the following questions:

(1) Are Muslims in South Africa required to physically go and participate in Jihaad? Is it a valid Jihaad to go assist physically?

(2) If we don’t heed to the Shaikh’s pleas are we guilty of abandoning a valid Jihaad?

(3) A Mufti in SA says Jihaad is Fard-e-ain on the countries around Palestine. Is he correct? does it only apply to countries around the area and why not to the entire Muslim Ummah?

(4) If a Muslim like myself goes to Palestine now and fights and gets killed, will his death be Shahaadat? (End of query)


If any Muslim from anywhere on earth wishes to go to Gaza to fight, it is permissible. But it is not incumbent – not Fardh – on Muslims outside Gaza, and not Fardh even on all Muslims of Gaza, to fight. It is not Fardh on all Muslims of even Gaza because the fighting services of 2 million Muslims are not required nor could such services be availed of, hence they are fleeing in tens of thousands.

Yes, it becomes Fardh-e-Ain on every capable Muslim who comes under attack by the kuffaar. In such a situation it becomes Fardh on even women. They are then not in need of permission from their husbands to participate in the Jihad to defend themselves and other Muslims.

Fighting becomes Fardh obviously only when the enemy is present and attacking. It is not Fardh to commit suicide by acting like sitting ducks to be killed by bombs raining from the air. Yes, in the ground assault, it becomes Fardh on all Muslims who are present there to fight. Fleeing in such a scenario is haraam and akin to kufr.

But the reality on the ground is that when the land invasion occurs, thousands of Palestinians will flee. Despite fighting being now Fardh, they will flee.

It should be understood that there is no shortage of manpower in Gaza. They are not in need of outsiders to burden them. The locals are required to fight, not to flee. Outsiders are not needed there. Outsiders cannot reach Gaza. Even the armed Mujahideen in Syria who are not very far from Gaza cannot reach the scene of the fighting.

Now when there is no need for manpower, only morons say that Jihad is Fardh-e-Ain on those who are outside Gaza. Morons who claim that it is Fardh-e-Ain, should proceed to Gaza without hesitation. This is our stock response to anyone who stupidly and falsely flaunting bravado claims that it is Fardh on all Muslims to go to Gaza. They should go. We say that they will be rewarded if they go, fight the Yahood and get martyred. So why do they just cackle like hens which have laid eggs? Why don’t they make haste and go? Islam does not prevent them from going to Gaza. Let them go! They are cowards, but moronically shout about Jihad being Fardh-e-Ain. They should practically implement their Fardh-e-Ain slogan, not remain here like women.

When any one says that it is Fardh-e-Ain for outsiders to go to Gaza and fight, do not dispute with him. Concur with him and encourage him to go. The one who claims that it is Fardh, but refrains from going displays his hypocrisy and cowardice.

The Shaikh is talking nonsense by claiming that Jihad is Fardh on all Muslims all over the world. How is it possible for 3 billion Muslims to proceed to Gaza to fight when about a million Gaza Muslims are fleeing from the battlefield?

When the kuffaar army enters a city/town/village, etc. and there is no Muslim army to defend and fight, then only does it become Fardh-e-Ain on every Muslim man and woman in that specific place to fight and defend themselves. If they are unable to defend themselves, then it devolves on the next village/town, etc. to come to their aid, and so will the obligation devolve on all towns and cities as aid is required. This applies only when there is a land invasion.

Undoubtedly, it is Fardh on all the armies of all Muslims countries to go to the aid of Gaza. But the problem is that there are no Muslims armies and no Muslim governments in any of the Muslim countries. All governments and all armies are kuffaar, Munaafiqeen and the followers of Taghoot. All are petrified of America and the kuffaar, hence not a single Muslim country is willing to aid despite having armies, airforces and navies. These rubbishes are capable of utilizing their armed forces to only brutalize the unarmed civilians of their own countries.

If you go to Gaza/Palestine with sincerity and get killed by the kuffaar, then you will be a Shaheed, Insha-Allah. It really depends on your intention. Many of these mujaahideen are stupid youngsters who have very little relationship with the Deen. Even their Salaat is extremely defective and they are bereft of Islamic morality (Akhlaaq). They join some Jihad outfit for ‘adventure’, then conduct themselves like kuffaar. If they are killed in the battlefield, then while in terms of the zaahiri Shariah they will be martyrs and all rites of Shahaadat will apply, it is not known if they will be accepted as Shuhada by Allah Ta’ala. ‘Martyrs’ who had corrupt intentions will be dragged by the Malaaikah and flung into Jahannam.

Every facet of life whether ibaadat or social dealings must necessarily be executed within the framework of the Shariah. But most people are morons. On account of their ignorance they behave like kuffaar and utter just any nonsense their mouths excrete in compliance with their nafsaaniyat.

19 Rabiuth Thaani 1445 – 4 November 2023

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