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The Art of Learning.

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 29th May 2023 17:04

The Art Of Learning.

In life there are some skills that come naturally to us, and we are able to quickly and easily master them.

But at most other times, when we are trying to learn a new skill. It can feel awkward, and stressful. We start to doubt ourselves, and it affects our confidence.

 We might see our friends or work colleauges quickly and easily master that particular skill. Whilst we ourselves just can't get our heads around it. We feel self concious, and stew over the process of learning rather then focusing on the end result. We can also feel like everybody else is judging us and thinks that we are stupid.

Usually in this scenario many people will give up and quit whatever skill they are trying to learn.  They have programmed themselves into thinking they will never be able to learn. And that all the emotional struggle is pointless.

This is known in Educational Psychology as Learning Anxiety.

The key to overcome this is to keep your mind focused on the end result, and how your life will improve once you have acquired this new skill.  If your mind is only focused on the difficulty and awkwardness of learning, then that will lead to anxiety.

If you are unable to keep those feelings of anxiety and nervousness in check, then it will lead to you eventually quitting.

People have turned down promotions because they found it too challenging, to learn the new  skills that would be required for their new job title.

Whatever you are trying to master, whether it is new technology or computer skills, learning to cook, learning to drive, learning to fix and repair things around the house. Remember for you to become proficient at it needs practice, practice, and more practice.

There will come a time when suddenly everything in your brain will click in to place, and you will be able to do that task with ease, and  without too much thought the awkwardness will disappear, it will feel totally natural and comfortable.

But too reach that destination you must avoid the temptation to quit and give up on yourself. Have  a mindset that no matter what and how ever long it takes I will accomplish this. The ultimate prize is the sense of satisfaction you feel when you finally you reach your goal. The harder the struggle the sweeter the feelings of success will be.

I have seen people achieve huge successes in life because they refused to quit.

To summarise.

(1) Have the will and determination that you will keep trying no matter how long it takes.

(2) Keep your mind focused on how your life will improve once you have acquired the new skill.

(3) Stay confident. Do not allow the difficulty of the learning process to affect your confidence. Remember when you are learning any new skill, it will initially feel awkward. But over time the awkwardness will disappear.

(4) Practice makes perfect, if you stay the course and keep practicing and revising you will eventually reach your goal.

(5) Avoid the temptation to quit.
There are people who spent years trying to learn a new language or trying to learn to drive. But they never gave up. 

(6) Do not worry about what others think. If your learning process is slow and takes longer then it would for others  then so be it.

And ALLAH Knows best.
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