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An email from someone seeking help from Ulamaa

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th June 2022 17:55
We recently introduced a contribution feature that's optional if people are willing wait 2-5 years for questions to be answered.

In this dog eat dog world every person is really for himself. In the days of Ulamaa donating all their time we had true Muslims and Muslim rulers who took care of them. We don't have that now so we turn to the public.

We introduced a contribution system so we can "EMPLOY" Ulamaa. There's no fixed amount, just a minimum of ONE POUND. People pay 30 times more for the TV channels.

Yet, we have delinquents who send emails like this:

As-salamu alaykum

Thanks for explaining your business. Seems like I’m this world everything is for sale including the religion like Islam. At the time of Prophet or his companions do they use to charge people for learning his religion. What a shame.

Please delete my email I’d from your database and stop selling the religion and making money over guiding the people.

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