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What Pandemic? Seriously please show me

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 23rd June 2021 13:33
Seriously? Where's the pandemic? I'm begging you to show me.

"Millions are dying"
The cult chant.

World Population:

2015 7,379,797,139 +1.16 %
2016 7,464,022,049 +1.14 %
2017 7,547,858,925 +1.12 %
2018 7,631,091,040 +1.10 %
2019 7,713,468,100 +1.08 %
2020 7,794,798,739 +1.05 % --- During the most deadly pandemic in the history of mankind where everything was shutdown.

Are you kidding me? The population actually went up?

After a year, some members had the audacity to talk about covid-19 suffering and the millions dying. "There is definitely something" I hear the cult members saying. The population actually increased during a deadly pandemic and you're still so desperate to prove there is "definitely" something.

Those who believe this is still real after getting informed by "conspiracy nutters" are absolutely and categorically moronic brainwashed cultist lunatics. Please stay away from children, please never try to educate anyone. You follow at the whims of globalist satanists (literally and openly satanists) and then you try to mix it with your twisted understanding of Islam?

No more cult members please. I for one am so happy that low IQ members who thoughts they're inspirational knowledge gurus have disappeared. I've noticed and I'm glad.

There's no sugar coating the absolutely absurd stupidity of those people still defending the fraud taking place.

The population actually increased in 2020 during a deadly apocalyptic world ending virus. So laughable yet so tragic.

Footballers piling up on one another sweating and spitting but the fans are in masks seats apart. But other stadiums are full. If this covid-19 pandemic was a sportsman, he'd be in last place consistently. Branded the most pathetic sportsman in history. And worse, this sportsman has millions of believers because the TV shows that he's the best. So easy to fool people but impossible to convince them they've been fooled.

The population increased during deadly pandemic lol. Wow.
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 14th July 2021 22:40
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