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1 to 1 Quran classes for children

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abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st June 2021 15:54
السلام عليكم

For those unable to attend Madrasah, there's one to one Quran sessions available for children from Qaidah to Quran recitation.

Ulamaa teachers including Imams.

We don't have anything for girls aged 9+ currently.

Girls ages 5-9
Boys ages 5+

Statistically the average time given directly to students in a Madrasah class setting is 10 minutes.

Our 15 minutes dedicated session is sufficient for tutoring. Occasionally 20 minutes are also scheduled for older boys.

UK and Europe only.
English speaking.
Laptop/PC required with a headset.
Private server for crystal clear high quality audio communication to ensure clarity of recitation and accuracy in Tajweed. Video is not used to maintain privacy and remove distractions.

The pricing is minimal:
£4.50 per session for 15 minute sessions 1 to 1
£5 per session for 20 minute sessions 1-1
£3.50 for 30 minute sessions 1 to 4 (group of 4 children) provided when 4 children start together in the same level.

The fees covers requirements and salaries only. The service itself is non-profitable.

Fiqh, Aqaaid, Seerah, Tareekh, Akhlaaq and Adaab syllabus homeschooling online portal provided free with Quran sessions.

For more info, contact information and enrollment form, please visit
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