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What You Can Learn From Uninvited Fact Checkers

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Rjamal, abuzayd2k
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 30th January 2021 21:48
So, do you believe the handful of bureaucratic/big pharma government scientists, megaphoned by the Main Stream Media (MSM) or do you believe these 13,290 medical & public health scientists and 40,200 medical practitioners who signed The Great Barrington Declaration and disagree with that bureaucratic handful?

If you choose the latter, you will be careful to follow the 100-plus years of science and not make the mistake the megaphoned folks are clearly making – – –

The mistake is being made worldwide to report virus-related deaths as soon as it is established that the virus was present at the time of death — regardless of other factors. This violates a basic [100-year-old] principle of epidemiology: only when it is certain that an agent has played a significant role in the disease or death may [that] diagnosis be made.” –Virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in his letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel [italics emphasis added –lrw]

So here’s an example of that science being applied correctly in the case of 23 “elderly people” who died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine (the total was later revised upward to 44 deaths, but the logic remains the same) – – –

Norway is vaccinating residents of care homes, including those with serious underlying diseases. On average, 400 people die each week in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the Nordic country. Therefore, it is expected that some among this population would die from unrelated causes after receiving the vaccine.

As of Jan 18, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health had investigated 13 of the 23 reported deaths, and had not concluded that the vaccines were to blame. Camilla Stoltenberg, the head of the agency, told a news conference: “These are people who are very old, are frail and have serious diseases…It is not a given that this (the deaths) represents an overmortality or a causality.” (here)… –Fact check: Discussion of deaths in elderly vaccine recipients in Norway lacks context | Reuters

So, before these deaths can be legitimately attributed to the vaccine, each death needs to be carefully investigated. And, even though the vaccine was clearly given in close proximity to the death, according to that 100-year-old science, whether or not the vaccine indeed “played a significant role in the disease or death” must be certain before that diagnosis can be made.

Kudos to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health! And in this case, to the uninvited fact checkers.

This is not only how over 100 years of epidemiology has done it, it’s also the way CDC’s own Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook instructs the medical fraternity to do things and the way everyone’s done it for over 100 years. Until now.

But do they apply that same careful science to the other deaths in care homes? That is, do they apply it to the approximately 40% of deaths claimed to be caused by COVID-19 in care homes, and in fact do they apply that standard science to COVID-19 deaths in general? Do they point out that some of those deaths could have been from unrelated causes?

The answer is a resounding “NO!!” Instead, as Dr. Deborah Birx of Trump COVID Task Force Fame confessed – – -

“…in this country we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality. There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now…if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.” –RealClearPolitics |VIDEO|

In fact, the main other country that absolutely wouldn’t use that very liberal approach to mortality — and dishonestly count deaths from “let’s say a heart or kidney problem as a COVID-19 death” — was the former pre-COVID-19 United States of America.

But now there’s this famous application of the new very liberal standard Dr. Birx revealed – – –

“There was a report in Orlando a week or so ago, where you had someone in a motorcycle accident [die], unfortunately,” the governor [DeSantis] recalled. He said the motorcyclist’s death was categorized as due to the novel coronavirus outbreak in Florida, “just because the person had previously tested positive.” –Florida Gov. DeSantis Suggests COVID Death Toll Is Inflated

And there was this example from Dr. Brownstein which the FTC forced him to take down – – –

I have a friend whose 95-year-old mother was hospitalized for COVID. On day two of the hospitalization, the patient died of a massive heart attack. Guess what the primary cause of death was listed on the death certificate? If you guessed COVID-19, you win the prize…. Because of this, COVID will be diagnosed as the cause of death far more than it should. –Dr Brownstein | Fake COVID-19 Death Numbers [As you can see, The Federal Trade Commission coerced Dr. Brownstein into taking that page down.]

And, a friend of mine’s father is another unfortunate but iconic example.

He tested positive for COVID-19 and had been suffering from diabetes for a long time. He had gangrene in one foot. The doctors recommended amputation but he refused. He had a sweet tooth and so the family decided to put him in a care home, believing that would control his sugar consumption. He discovered he could use his laptop to get WAL*MART to deliver his sweets.

Finally amputation was the only alternative and they hospitalized him to do it. With the stress of the anesthetic, losing the foot, the pain medications, being hospitalized etc. his kidneys failed. He refused dialysis and of course died as a result of kidney failure.

His death certificate lists COVID-19 as the cause of death.

These aren’t flukes. The very liberal standard Dr. Birx revealed is that if someone tests positive and then dies of pretty much anything in the next 28 days, they record that as a COVID-19 death.

Clearly calling the official reported COVID-19 death stats male bovine manure grossly over-estimates them.

As layed-out here, only about 10 of every 100 reported COVID-19 deaths are actually caused by COVID-19. So, to get honest numbers, just divide the official bull pucky by 10.

For most folks, especially those under 60, COVID-19 is a mild case of the flu. Unless you’re in a care home. Or go to a hospital – – –

The trauma of hospitalization plus the potential risk for medication errors, antibiotic resistance and ventilator-induced lung disease, along with sunshine vitamin D deprivation, suggests hospitalization itself may be too traumatic and hazardous for many patients, especially the frail elderly…. The death rate was slashed 19-fold with use of telemedicine and stay-at-home treatment. … –Doctors Slash COVID-19 Mortality Rate From 5.8% TO 3/10ths of One Percent With Telemedicine, Home Treatment

There are other things you can learn from uninvited fact checkers too. Notice that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health had only investigated 13 of the 23 reported possible vaccine-linked deaths to some degree. And while the spokeslady was quoted as saying “…It is not a given that this (the deaths) represents an overmortality or a causality [by the vaccine]” neither is it a given at this point that these deaths weren’t caused by the vaccine.

This sort of thing should have already been thoroughly investigated as has been established as the sound scientific policy for vaccine development. That’s why it takes about six years of testing and observation before a vaccine is certified as relatively safe and effective.

In fact, given the less-than-a-year COVID-19 vaccine development bums-rush, folks currently taking “the jab” amount to unpaid morbidity (death) testers for the vaccine industry.

Keeping that in mind — and that we older folks are more susceptible to side-effects and our weaker immune systems are less likely to produce a robust antibody reaction anyway — you might want to think twice before taking the gamble, as have a surprising number of health care professionals.

-- Source for more internal links within the article
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 31st January 2021 04:05
The Great Barrington Declaration is an important document. It has been signed by medical practitioners from all over the world.

Here is more information from their website:

Why was the Declaration written?

The Declaration was written from a global public health and humanitarian perspective, with special concerns about how the current COVID-19 strategies are forcing our children, the working class and the poor to carry the heaviest burden. The response to the pandemic in many countries around the world, focused on lockdowns, contact tracing and isolation, imposes enormous unnecessary health costs on people. In the long run, it will lead to higher COVID and non-COVID mortality than the focused protection plan we call for in the Declaration.

Who is the intended audience?

This is an international declaration, written with concerns for the entire world. It was written for the public, fellow scientists, and government officials.

Who wrote the Declaration?

The Declaration was written by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Martin Kulldorff.  A family member and a journalist helped with phrasing, grammar, and proof reading. Nobody else saw the declaration before it was completed in its final form.

When was the Declaration written, signed and released? 

The Declaration was written from October 2 to October 4, 2020. It was signed on October 4, after which it was sent to scientific colleagues. It was released to the public on October 5.

Who initiated the Declaration?

Dr Kulldorff invited Dr Bhattacharya and Dr Gupta to Massachusetts to record a video outlining an alternative to the current COVID-19 strategy. While meeting, the three spontaneously decided to also write a short Declaration to summarize the thinking. 

Why was the Declaration signed in Great Barrington?

The Declaration was written and signed at the American Institute for Economic Research, located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The Institute kindly offered to help with the video recording, providing a location, equipment and a camera man pro bono. 

How were the co-signers selected?

After finishing the Declaration, the three authors emailed a few colleagues asking them if they would co-sign. Most agreed. These original 30+ co-signers are listed on the front page, together with others that were added later.

Can anyone sign the Declaration?

Yes. Through the online form. 

Are all the online signatures real?

No. Some pranksters added fake signatures such as Dr. Johnny Bananas, Prof. Spon’Ge’Bob SQ.UarePants, Dr. Neal Ferguson, Prof. Ware Thamask, and Dr. Person Fakename. In a strange twist, one journalist bragged on Twitter about adding fake names, after which other journalists criticized the Declaration for having fake signatures. Anyhow, the fake signatures are less than 1% of the total, and most have been removed from the count tracker. 

Was anyone paid to write or sign the Declaration?

None of the authors or co-signers received any money, honoraria, stipend, or salary from anyone for either the Declaration or the video recording.

Do the three authors have any conflicts of interest?

Dr. Kulldorff works on research grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the non-profit Fund for Public Health in New York City, some of which is related to COVID-19. He has never accepted or received any funding from pharmaceutical companies, nor from any other large corporation.

Dr. Bhattacharya research funding over the past 22 years of his career has come almost entirely from grants from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Agriculture, and participation on contracts with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via a government contracting research group, Acumen, LLC. He has never accepted or received any funding from pharmaceutical companies, nor from any other large corporation.

Dr. Gupta’s research funding over the last 30 years has principally been through fellowships and investigator awards from the Wellcome Trust and the European Research Council.  She has also received funding from the UKRI, the Royal Society, the Leverhulme Trust, the Emily and Georg von Opel Foundation and the Oxford Martin School. She and Dr. Craig Thompson have developed a novel method for producing a universal influenza vaccine (derived from a mathematical model) and this has now been licensed and is going through early testing. She does not hold any consultancy contracts or stock shares in any commercial company.

EDIT: To summarize, the Great Barrington Declaration promotes herd immunity, and is critical of the use of lockdowns to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2. It was proposed by three epidemiologists. The declaration has been widely criticized by other epidemiologists and academicians, such as the John Snow group, and Prof. Stephen Archer of the Department of Medicine at Queen's University, Ontario.
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