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The Night Vigil

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 28th January 2021 03:59
This is an incident taken from the life of Sayyid Shah A'lamullah RH, who was an ancestor of Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed RH, the great mujahid and sufi of nineteenth century India, who was martyred at Balakot, Pakistan.

Sayyid Shah A'lamullah RH was employed as a cavalryman in the service of Emperor Shah Jahan. Whenever the Emperor made camp at night on his travels, four cavalrymen would take turns standing guard over the Emperor all night long. On a particularly dark and windy night during one of these travels, only Shah A'lamullah RH stood watch, as the other cavalrymen went to rest. The Emperor awoke in the middle of the night and called out to see who was standing guard. Sayyid Shah A'lamullah RH answered the Emperor's call every time the Emperor awoke during that night. At dawn, the Emperor called for Sayyid Shah A'lamullah RH and showered him with many gifts and riches for his service during the night.

Sayyid Shah A'lamullah RH realized that he was showered with riches and wealth for merely standing vigil at night for a mere mortal. If he were to stand vigil for the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, he would earn immeasurable wealth and riches. This incident caused Shah A'lamullah RH to renounce his military career and he took up a life of asceticism and devotion to his Creator.

hayatalulama . wordpress . com/2012/03/01/tadhkirah-hazrat-sayyid-shah-alamullah-hasani-rah-raibarelwi
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