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Khadimah of The Quran: Shaykha Mariam Niasse

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 29th December 2020 00:49
Born on December 24th, 1932, Shaykha Mariam Niasse returned to Allah on December 26th, 2020, at the age of 88. She spent her life immersed in Quranic education, producing tens of thousands of huffaz (those who have memorized the Quran) within her Quran school in Senegal.

She was the daughter of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, who was one of the most influential Islamic scholars of the 20th century, and considered by many to be the Mujaddid of his time. Shaikh Ibrahim founded the Muslim World League with Abu Alaa Mawdudi of Pakistan and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. He was known as the only person who could scold Egyptian President Gemal Abdel Nasser and get away with it. He also spoke out against many of Abdel Nasser’s unjust actions such as his killing of Sayyid Qutb. Shaikh Ibrahim would often take his daughter, Shaykha Mariam with him during these travels. As a result, she developed close relationships with many prominent leaders around the Muslim world. Later on in life, she would leverage these relationships to resolve conflicts between Senegal and Iran, as well as Senegal and Sudan.

Full article below.

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