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Re: Are Covid Vaccines Halal? Webinar by AlBalagh Academy

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 27th December 2020 13:24
adamjee wrote:
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As I can't reply in the original thread I've started a new thread to reply to you.

I checked the YouTube link at the time abu mohammed shared it and I had issues with it but stayed silent in case I'm wrong. I saw a flood of comments raising some of the issues I had with the one-sided webinar. I look today and there's many in agreement so I will share those comments which actually gives a good summary of the webinar that you seek.

These comments are enlightening and hits the nail on the head. It was nice to see someone commenting on there saying that one of the youtube users who was posting actual information sounded like "superglue" (I think the comment was referring to me) - But I can assure you, I'd be ecstatic if I had the insight and critical thinking ability that this brother has. But it goes to show, anyone with an opposing view all sound alike and even mistaken for one another.

Anyway, here's a summary of the video you can deduce from the comments received on the video itself. They should be read and if this doesn't light a tiny spark to start thinking a bit then I don't think anything will:

All in all, a very disappointing webinar. I would encourage readers to visit the website and Youtube page of "UK Column" for some actual analysis of current affairs. They don't do dramatic effects or fancy souped up presentations - just some critical thinking on what the government and corporate controlled media are peddling.

Why has the panel failed to mention that among those who have raised serious concerns about the vaccine are experts like Dr. Mike Yeadon (ex-Chief Scientist) at Pfizer and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, an eminent virologist? Dr. Munir not only has less years of experience but is also regurgitating what we already know from the BBC etc. It is not a case of trust or lack of trust on him - it is just that he is clearly approaching this from a very biased perspective as a result of his current employment and previous training.

I am a Consultant Engineer and have been blessed to have had a successful career working for major companies. I am involved with data handling, risk analysis and critical thinking on a daily basis.
I appreciate you will not have time to read all the comments and respond to each one below. So I will limit myself to one question since you kindly engaged the query I had on the origin of the slides. My only interest is that the community get the full picture so an informed decision can be made. Can you please explain the concept of relative risk versus absolute risk in the 95% efficacy calculation for the Pfizer vaccine? Thank you.

What I found shameful here while copying these comments was that Dr Munir responded to a comment about another person in another video using one of his slides but did not comment on any question actually to do with the vaccine. And we all know why.

Anyway, more comments:

In what is this informative ? Dont you watch the news ? this is the same thing here.

Exactly. No new information was presented that we had already not seen on the BBC. They did not bother to bring a single person who held a different educated view to allow the audience to make a choice. All the panelists said the vaccine was NEEDED and from that point onwards it was easy to say it is halaal because it saves lives.

Are we aware of the fisq of the MSM, Govt and Big Pharma companies? Has this been
addressed at all in this seminar? I have not heard anything in this regard. None of the corruption scandals and blatant lying of these institutions have been mentioned at all. On the contrary, we have only heard that the pharmaceutical companies should be trusted. The spin they have put on their trial statistics for example has been sold to us in this webinar, instead of the actual numbers so that we can do the maths ourselves.

No credible alternative view was presented. What should have happened is that the statistics should have been discussed in great detail and a representative of the other perspective should have been invited. If it was a requirement for that person to be a Muslim, that would also have been possible. You cannot claim to be providing informed consent if all panelists are agreed on the key issues:

Is the vaccine necessary? All say yes.
Is it safe? All say yes.
Is it effective? All say yes.
Is it halaal? All say yes.

That is not informed consent. That is manufactured consent.

Sorry brother, but there was no discussion. It was an echo chamber.

Distinguish between “real” conspiracy and “conspiracy theory”.

Who makes this distinction? Besides, all “real” conspiracies are actually conspiracy theories at one point in the people’s minds. They are usually not exposed to be “real” until after the events, if at all.

And most of the time what is “real” and what is a theory only reaches us through the lens of the prevailing powers. Take for example the Reichstag fire during Hitler’s time. History books (written by the winners) now tell us the fire was a false flag, started by the Nazis so they could blame it on political enemies and crush them. But at the time if you said that, you would have been labelled a “conspiracy theorist” had the term existed.

This is just one historical example, but there are countless others and many in our modern times. The shaykh provide some himself, but misses the point that all of these would have been considered fringe beliefs at some point.

Furthermore, the “conspiracy theory” term is an invention of the establishment and their media tools to discredit any dissent or differing opinions. For example, they have used the terms “extremist” and “fundamentalist” in the same manner and we are acutely aware of this as Muslims. Imagine how frustrating it is when our voices are shut down with these labels even though our concerns are genuine. The same applies to those who are raising concerns about this vaccine or vaccines in general only to be brushed aside as “conspiracy theorist” nutjobs.

We as Muslims should rise above throwing labels and examine the facts as well as who is presenting them. At the moment, we are swimming around in the narrative created by those who are controlling society, like goldfish in a bowl, unaware of the bigger picture around us. It’s a sad state of immaturity.

"Question them (vaccines)".
Yes shaykh, but according to you the questions should only be directed at government-approved, media-approved medical professionals such as Dr. Munir.
If this was not the case and you were indeed not trying to put a slant on the topic, you would have made space in your panel for at least ONE dissenting voice, but you did not.

I expected more from the webinars tho, there were many unanswered questions. Just sounds like Most of the other Muslim doctors on the internet who seem to be blindly following information given to us BY PHIZER. Phizer has a history of crimes against humanity,easily found, not conspiracy well as other major pharmaceutical companies. Im not sure how people blindly trust them. Also the ingredients mRNA, it does not state where it comes from, its synthetic, but everything synthetic must have a starting point. The fact that these vaccine companies have previously used aborted fetal matter in past vaccines, says alot. And many Muslim doctors overlook it, as well as the fact that past vaccines contained porcine . As Muslims we should be questioning what we place in our bodies and not blindly follow

Doctor - why compare with HIV, which is a minnow in terms of deaths? Is it because HIV is another scary viral disease? A more suitable thing would have been to compare with heart disease or cancer so we could then see where COVID-19 fits into the overall mortality picture.

Allah Azzawajal expects us to open our eyes and try and understand the dynamics around us , without blindly following ... I have great respect for everybody involved in this discussion for their rightful opinions
I have to be blunt . Sadly non them have opened their eyes to the mafia aspect of the pharmaceutical industry of the world. I have worked for Giant Pharmaceutical multinationals. couple of the top tens in the world's list.
They simply buy the doctors during their mid stages of medical school. They have to. To the top doctors They provide paid holidays not for the doctor's family, even the Doctor's extended family and friends. Buy cars and pay for the maintenance.. pay for clinical trials to make it in their favour .. I can talk for hours ...
Take Statins for example. Almostly 90% in their middle age are on statins due to cholesterol tested according to the measures defined by the pharma medical industry .. Statins will lead almost every patient towards diabetes this is reality .. Pharma is the biggest lobby (mafia) next to oil .
Simply think !!! Who are the targetted customers of a pharmaceutical company? You would say the end user or the public .. NO .. Pharma's customers are Doctors .. they prescribe the drugs and add patients to the long list .. Are they really necessary drugs for the pations mmmm. Good question .!!
Do These guys in this discussion know pharma is mafia? .. yes ... Do they talk about them ? No ..... May Allah protect all of us ... Fear Allah.
Think twice All these ulamas will have to stand in the court of Allah Azzawajal.
Titles mean nothing ..

Why should we just trust the doctor and why is he not open to questioning? That is nothing but obedience to a new type of “scientist” clergy, perceived as almost infallible.

He has misrepresented statistics completely and provided a very one-sided view, only paying brief lip service to some of the concerns, but always returning to fear-based propaganda as the justification for taking on a medical intervention for which there are so many gaps in safety testing?

One of the problems with most modern day speakers who consider themselves "scholars" is that they talk down to the ummah. They seem to think (or at least give the impression) that everyone who raises their voice against an issue is some impressionable young keyboard warrior sitting in the basement of his parents' house whose best source of reference is other people's Facebook posts. I'm afraid it isn't like that. We have plenty of intelligent, capable people in our ranks who are able to analyse matters with some critical thinking and research and not swallow and regurgitate the propaganda being fed to them.

It's been 2 weeks and Al Balagh Academy has not answered nor acknowledged the questions raised.
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 27th December 2020 13:25
Another comment which doesn't summarise the video but as it's connected I'll post it here:


Use to look up videos of the following medical experts with a MAINSTREAM history, some retired. Some of them also have websites and twitter pages. Note that some of them do not comment on vaccines specifically, as they are more focused on challenging the overall narrative on COVID and lockdown. This is important because we are being told that vaccines are the best way to freedom and safety. So if the premise is wrong in the first place, the need for a vaccine automatically disappears:

Mike Yeadon
Sucharit Bhakdi
Dolores Cahill
John Ioannidis
Sam Bailey
Sunetra Gupta
Claus Kohnlein (look for English subtitles)
Wolfgang Wodarg (look for English subtitles)
Malcolm Kendrick (also has a good blog and an excellent pre-covid lecture on Youtube called Doctoring Data, which provides general background to data manipulation in the medical field)
Knut Wittowski
Dr. Clare Craig twitter page
Simone Gold - this is the US FDA guidance on the Pfizer vaccine, including the trial results.
The absolute risk reduction of catching COVID by taking the vaccine is just 0.8%.
Please get in touch if you want to know how that is calculated.
The oft-quoted 95% efficacy is based on relative risk, which is not suitable to use on its own:

Vernon Coleman on
Reiner Fuellmich
James Lyons-Weiler
Carl Heneghan
@Stat_O_Guy twitter handle
talkRadio youtube page
Anna Brees

INVESTIGATIVE SITES WITH DETAILED COVID INFO Check out the talk on COVID vaccines by famous vaccine developer and proponent Paul Offitt. He supports the COVID vaccine but acknowledges that the roll-out to the public is the next phase of the trial and he himself will not take it until more data becomes available. He was on the FDA advisory board that gave approval for use in the US. Also listen to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s podcast on this site.


Covid vaccine trials set up to succeed:
Covid conflict of interest:
Covid suppression of science:


Many still have youtube channels but others have been banned, so they have moved to other platforms: Youtube channels: corbettreport and Corbett Report Extras Youtube channel: UK Column Youtube channel: Truthstream Media The owner Derrick Broze has been removed from youtube, can be found on bitchute. Banned from youtube as well.
The Mirror Project youtube channel and website:
reallygraceful youtube channel
Jason Bermas youtube channel
Ice Age Farmer youtube channel
Dan Dicks on Bitchute

Shiekh Omar Baloch Youtube channel

The above lists are not exhaustive, just some I have in my collection
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Spinistan Throne
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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 27th December 2020 14:45
There is so much irony in this all.

We are told about the dangers of the virus, the same virus that kills approximately the same or less number of people from the flu.

The porcine in influenza is haram, period!

Muslims aren't allowed to take it because no matter what, tabdeel e maheeyat can not be used as an excuse unless it's a serious matter of life and death. With the influenza, there are alternatives.

So now they come up with new rules, scaremongering the people even though the number of people who recover from covid-19 is very high.

Fair enough, the Pfizer vaccine is not haram, but why push people into thinking that even if it was haram, it would still be allowed because of the extent of the dangers of the virus.

There are some important questions asked in the other threads which can't be answered.

The vaccine will not give you immunity, period.

You will still catch the virus and spread it.

You will be a carrier and you will endanger others because you think you can't catch it.

When you take the vaccine, you will still have to follow all guidelines, in other words, masks, sanitiser, washing and the rest of it.

So what will the vaccine do? It will kill the virus and other things inside your body but will not make you immune!!!!!!

I wonder if the scholars have asked for immunity like Pfizer have. But I guess, their politically correct comments and disclaimers will protect them.

Pfizer is making back the money they lost in billions.

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