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Simon Siddol - Poisonous Music: Pop Culture and Mind Control

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 16th October 2020 10:48
Interesting discussion from a psychological point of view when Halaal/Haraam does not come into the equation. Even the linguistic characteristics of the word Music.

Note for the uninformed mainstream victims, "Mind Control" does not mean turning you into zombies to do actions. Changing a feeling or emotion is also classed as mind control. The mind controls everything including emotions. If music can change that, it's a type of mind control.

Simon Siddol discusses the trend in western popular music towards the inane, the robotic, and the infantile - a social engineering agenda pushed hard by the handful of multi-national corporations that sit atop the music industry pyramid.

Siddol believes that this degradation of western music has been happening for centuries, so old and so deeply ingrained that elements of this pernicious anti-consciousness agenda are now part of the musical DNA of even the most well-meaning and conscious musicians. It's the perfect subconscious mind-control mechanism. We're using what is in reality a shamanic mind-altering tool for recreational jollies, en masse, and it's ruining people's psychic health, and the health of our entire society. But strategies exist for both music-lovers and musicians to help them detox from the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours around music that slowly but surely dehumanize us.

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