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Practical ideas to safeguard one's eyes from haram

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 16th September 2020 04:43

Summary of talk by Maulana Sajjad Nomani DB:

1. Impose physical punishment such as 20 rakat nafl prayer before bed for everyday that one casts evil glances.

2. For people of limited monetary means, impose sadaqah for every evil glance.

3. For well off people who will not feel the pinch of regular sadaqah, impose 100 lashes on one's bare back using a wet towel for every instance of evil glances.

4. Pray two rakat salat ul hajat for protection from casting evil glances.

5. When traveling, always carry some reading material so that one's eyes are engrossed in reading and prevented from wandering. When fatigue sets in from reading, take a nap.

6. The most effective method to combat evil glances is to develop consciousness of Allah Taala through abundant zikr in the company of a respected Shaikh.
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