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Syrian girl writes to her betrothed

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 14th September 2020 03:05

Maulana Sajjad Nomani DB relates that he was once in Masjid Nabawi where he ran into a Palestinian classmate from Madinah University. His friend said he wanted some counsel in an important matter. The classmate says he was engaged to a Syrian girl who was very pious and a hafiza. She sent him a letter through her relatives. In it she said that she and a group of other girls were planning to protest against the rape and murder of Muslim girls in Shaam. She said similar protests had taken place earlier too and the girls had been killed in firing against these protests. She says she saw a dream in which she was given glad tidings by Hazrat Fatimah RA that she would be made a bride of Jannah. She says she interpreted the dream to mean she might be given martyrdom. She wrote to her betrothed to ask permission to attend the protest.

Maulana says these are the aspirations of the youth of Al Shaam. He was addressing Indian youth and explaining deeni ghayrah to them.
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