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Turkish natural gas discovery

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th September 2020 06:18
The quarrel between Greece and Turkey is mainly about control over the waters and seabed of the Aegean Sea that separates them. The Aegean is only an average of 200 km. wide, and it would be easy just to run a line down the middle — except that there is a chain of Greek islands running down Turkey’s west coast, often within sight of the mainland. Almost all the other islands in the sea are Greek too.

The author opines that there isn't much value to the natural gas discovered by Turkey because it is in disputed waters, and due to falling demand for fossil fuels, it won't be very economical to lay pipelines to tap into them.

The Western liberal view seems to be that Erdogan is a populist strongman whose grip on power is slipping and his recent actions are an attempt to raise nationalistic fervor in order to return to power.

They share a similar analysis of Modi in India as well.
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