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Reforming madrasa vs reforming school

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th July 2020 11:23
Halalified YouTube Audio

In this talk by Mufti Rafi Usmani Sahab DB, he tells of a meeting 25 years ago between the representatives of the government and the representatives of all the Wifaqs of Pakistan. The topic was reform of the madrasa system. When Mufti Sahab (DB) was given the opportunity to speak, he appreciated the intent of the government to reform the madrasa system. He however cautioned them that their efforts would bear much fruit if they could first reform the government school system. He narrated the incident of his grandson who appeared for a secondary school examination at a government school. The school had no provision for drinking water, fans, and appropriate seating. Also, along with the question paper, answer cheats were available to those who were willing to pay Rs. 25.

Mufti Sahab (DB) says this was 25 years ago, and those who had passed exams using such crooked means now occupied positions of power in all government departments, and if they made their careers based on such dishonesty, how then can we expect our administration to show qualities conducive to justice, equality, peace, tranquility, cooperation, and honor?
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