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HMC: Avoid Ordering Lamb for Qurbani

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 12th July 2019 20:33
From HMC:

Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

As the Qurbani season fast approaches many Muslims across the globe will be following in the traditions of Prophet Ibraham AS in carrying out the sacrifice of an animal for the sake of Almighty Allah.

HMC will be taking responsibility to assuring the Qurbani is done according to Islamic rules.

This year, one major complication has arisen in the UK for those intending to carry out their Qurbani in this country.

Many in our community choose ‘lamb’ as their choice of animal for Qurbani due to the taste.

However, this year, and for the following few years, majority of the lambs will not meet the condition of being 12 months in age (this is one of the conditions of Qurbani, or the animal should look like 12 months old). This complication is due to the lambing season being March/April in 2019 and most lambs will be barely 6 months old.

For this reason, HMC is strongly encouraging all consumers to order sheep/mutton for Qurbani. We have also advised shops and slaughterhouses to order sheep for Qurbani to ensure the Qurbani rules are followed.

HMC is not in a position to check the age of animals at the slaughterhouses and therefore will not be taking responsibility for anyone who orders lambs. Any customer or shop that orders lambs, the responsibility for the age of the animal will be with the customer/shop/slaughterhouse.

Order your sheep/mutton from a HMC butcher near you. Click here to find your nearest HMC certified butchery.

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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 15th July 2019 16:39
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