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Excerpts from "Serving the Deen and the different ways of Dawah and Tabligh"

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st September 2018 02:41

By Maulana Muhammad Saleem Dohrat

Simple yet not acted upon.

Different Departments Of Serving Din

There are several departments of serving Din. Writing and compiling books is one department. The khanqah is another department. The establishment and
maintenance of masajid is another department. The madaris is another department. There are other departments as well. Some people invite non-Muslims to Islam and explain the teachings of Islam to them. This is also Da'wat and is a veiy lofty work. The present day work of Da'wat and Tabllgh is also an effective way of attaching people to Din. Allah ta'ala instilled this method in the heart of Hadrat Maulana Ilyas Sahib rahimahullah and - all praise is due to Allah ta'ala - it
became very popular.

Shaytan’s Trap

Shaytan causes us to fight against each other in order to deprive us of Allah’s help when carrying out all these works. He causes us to have evil thoughts about each other. Shaytan wants to deprive us of the Paradise which is promised as a result of serving Din by day and night. This is why he creates a type of dislike in our
hearts towards others. He causes us to scorn them and hate them. This results in evil thoughts, backbiting and
accusations. Consequently, whatever progress we made is all destroyed. My dear brothers! Do you think Shaytan
ever wants us to be successful?

When All Departments Are Friendly Towards Each Other

Imagine if all the departments of Din were to support and assist each other! How good it would have been! The
people of one department would work on people according to their line of work and say to them: “You must come to us and such and such Dini need of yours
will be fulfilled by us. However, you have other Dini needs as well. In order for you to realize them, you will have to go to such and such place, and such and such
person.” Imagine how much the Muslim community will benefit if we were to do this! Imagine how we will progress in the line of Din! Imagine how Din will

Unfortunately, Shaytan does not allow us to work with love and unity. He knows that if we join hands and work together, perfect human beings like those who were
present in the era of the Sahabah radiyallahu 'anhum will come to the fore today. Din will become common
and misguidance will disappear from the world.


Aid Each Other In Deeni Works

People of the different departments of Din must aid and support each other. Da'wat means to invite people to Allah ta'ala and to call them towards Din. What are we
doing at present? What are we explaining to you at the moment? We are explaining Din to you. We are calling you towards Allah ta'ala and towards Din.

Anyone who speaks about Din, whether an 'alim or a non-'alim, whether by going out in Da'wat and Tabllgh or by staying at home, in the form of the khanqah, in
the form of teaching, in the form of issuing fatwas, by reading a book - whether Fada’il-e-A'mal or any other
book - in the form of Qur’an lessons or Hadlth lessons, in the form of assemblies of self-purification and rectification, in the form of writing and compiling books,
in the form of magazines and other literature, in the form of conferences, ijtima' or in the form of seminars -
no matter what form it takes - as long as the beliefs are correct, the views and thought processes are correct,
then this is the work of inviting towards Allah ta'ala, it is the work of tabllgh. For each of these works we must have good hopes in our hearts, we must support them, and take a part in them.


Hadrat Maulana Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi Sahib

It is compulsory to invite people towards Allah ta'ala and towards Din. This could be done individually, collectively, by word, by the pen, in public or in private... there is no specific methodology. Thus, every
individual and every group doing the work of inviting towards Allah ta'dla has the right to choose a method which it considers to be correct for the situation in
which it is working. It can follow a methodology for its efforts which it considers to be most suitable and
beneficial. No one has the right to label one as permissible and another as impermissible, or to place obstacles in this regard as long as there is no element in
it which is against the Shari'ah or harmful to the objectives of Din.
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