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PETITION: Your voice against the hijab ban!

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 15th April 2018 20:09
Please take a few moments to sign this:!lgllm

Germany - The NRW interrelations minister is calling for a total ban on wearing the Muslim head covering under the age of 14 whilst as school. He claims that children below the age of religious maturity shouldn’t be coerced in to wearing a hijab.

The Integrations minister of NRW Serap Güler claimed “To throw a head covering over a young young girl, is perverse and sexualises the child (in question)” The argument presented by Güler is supposedly all about the well-being of the child but is in-fact obsolete as a hijab has exactly the opposite effect. It is in-fact an invasive intrusion in to the development of an identity, personality and character of Muslim women, conflicting with the basic moral standards and values the parents are raising their children by and will ultimately lead the children to internal conflict and to a crisis of identity.

"The true motives of those responsible isn't the genuinely the well-being of the children and is in-fact nothing more than to serve the populist Anti-Islam-atmosphere in society,"

For that very reason, were calling out to the Islamic community of Germany and all non-muslim citizens to raise their voices against the hijab ban. With the signatures we gather here, we intend to show those responsible for the political decision making the shear discontent of the Islamic community in Germany and of all those who stand for the freedom of religious expression.

A hijab (head cover) ban for Muslim women under the age of 14 during their attendance at school is an illegitimate intrusion in to the religious identity of Muslim women, According to the Islamic laws - there is absolute consensus on this matter, to Muslims worldwide that the begin of puberty represents the age of which Muslim women attain self-determination and accountability for their decisions.

"Self determination, the right to decide upon ones own religious behavior and practices must be given priority over the wishes of others whom deem themselves fit to arbitrarily decide how and when the religious practices of others are deemed necessary or acceptable."

In the name of all signers.

Gladbeck, 15 Apr 2018
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 15th April 2018 20:59
Done...but I don't think these e-petitions actually work.
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