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The House ‘Imam’ of David Cameron

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 13th May 2016 12:13
The House ‘Imam’ of David Cameron

Ever since David Cameron eased out Lady Sayeeda Warsi, his Muslim issues radar has been clouded by his resident ‘Imam’ — the unelected Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon who is now Home Office Minister for Countering Extremism and the former Communities Minister. He was also a prolific fund-raiser for Cameron’s party and a campaign manager. As an Ahmadi vice-president and clergy member, he has no link with the Muslim community of Britain and wouldn’t know anything about Imam Gani except for his two ‘sins’.

Was he the one to get his boss into trouble by trying to stitch up Suliman Gani? Who knows? It is, however, obvious that the person who did the dirty deed and enabled ‘parliamentary slander’ was influential and trusted and out of touch with the Muslim community. Whoever it was, he must have a marketing background to design and launch two almost-identical ‘BBC-Parliament’ echo chamber campaigns, six years apart.

In his TV show, click to see how he groups all Muslim scholars as ‘other’ and ‘mullahs’. And here he is pontificating about an ‘Islamic State’. Take that, Mr. Cameron!
What we know for certain is that Imam Gani as David won a moral victory against the Goliath of BBC, the Prime Minister, and their echo chamber.
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