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Q&A Support - Fiqh?

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 12th July 2014 04:21

@Dear Respected Mods:

Sorry, perhaps I should respect your decision, I mean no disrespect but I feel you're being a bit strict in your rules.


Please, giving advice should be allowed. Is there anything wrong with that?

I understand laymen shouldn't give their own opinion about Fiqhi matters, but... Please help me understand why it should be considered wrong if they say something purely based on the links they post, specially when there's a Mufti to reply? Thank you.

And even the Q&A section has been closed?

Ma'a salaamah!
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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 12th July 2014 04:37
Yasin wrote:
Rules are not being followed.

Posting has been disabled for this section until the new update which could be up to a week or two (depending on time). Please refer back to post 1 rules to understand why.


Yasin wrote:
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