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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 23rd April 2006 20:11

Assalamu Alaykum,

Some visitors may have noticed the extra field in the media category.

When submitting a new topic or post in the media category, you will have 2 extra fields to add (optional if it's a reply).

The 2 fields:
- Media URL
- Autoplay

Media URL should contain the full URL. Remember, it should be a media file and not a page. mp3, wma, rm, ram, m3u etc.

The autoplay is ok to be ON (option 'Yes') if it's the first post of the new topic. If it's a reply with another file then it's best to Choose 'No' otherwise all the media files will be playing as one and remix doesn't go too well with Nasheeds. Well it doesn't go well with anything really.

Please note, as this has been added manually and not as a published modification, it can have errors. So if you experience an error, don't think someone will let me know because they might be thinking the same and it'll never be corrected.

Suggestions also welcome.

On the ViewForum page where it lists all the topics, under the topic title, you will see the cut url there with an icon next to it on the left. To play the file on an external player, just click the icon without opening the topic.


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