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The Masjlis, ReliableFatwas and A.S. Desai

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 17th March 2015 22:59
The Masjlis, ReliableFatwas and A.S. Desai

Due to the destructive nature of the above organisation and its followers, all references, works, links and mentions are banned on in its entirety.

This decision has been made after it was made evident that sensible and valid refutations are turned very ugly and aggressive without any consistencies in responses and behaviour confusing everyone in the process followed by harsh and severe labelling of members and even scholars.

This is just the gist of it. The details are not suitable for the general public.

If you must persist and post regarding this subject then please join the debates usergroup to have access to the hidden (and not recommended) category which is not moderated for this purpose.

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