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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 30th November 2013 15:02 Forum Rules & Regulations

Updated from the original 3-12-2004 which included Q&A

1. Posting

Titles should be explicit, clear and related to the contents of the first post.

A new topic which contains only a single clickable link to another site will either be reported or deleted. To avoid this auth check, paste the article or data first and place a link to its source at the end or at the top.

Do not use unnecessary text formatting in posts unless required. Please use the available BBcode buttons to format text.

Do not post Fatwa/answers from Ulamaa asking for member's opinions.

Sensitive topics such as Tableegh, Tasawwuf etc which are subject to heated debates with issues within will be monitored closely. On such threads, the following rules are now applied strictly:

a) All criticisms will be removed instantly without notice and the thread will be locked for 1 week
b) If the following advice is not followed before replying to the sensitive thread making it clear that those steps have been taken, the post will be removed without notice:
Yasin wrote:
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Once a MOD RULE is posted, any member who ignores it and continues will receive a 24 hour ban from posting plus rep deduction (varies).

The following subjects can only be posted if they are works of Ulamaa. No personal input is permitted regarding the following subjects due to their nature and the incapability of Muslims to remain calm about the issues within these subject.
a) Tableegh
b) Tasawwuf
c) More may be added

- The thread will be locked instantly or moved to "debates & refutation" (hidden usergroup category) section without notice.

Fiqh questions, rulings or questions that we feel should be addressed to qualified scholars on a dedicated section will be:
a) reported if posted as reply by a member
b) deleted if posted as a reply as guest
c) deleted if posted as a new thread

2. Contents

Users must not give any personal details on the site including real (full) name, age, family information etc. Although usernames and avatars may give first name or gender away, it is important that personal information is not given. Usernames cannot be domain names and will be changed without notice.

When typing a post, use decent English and ask in a manner as if you are speaking to them. With respect and using full sentences.

All posts must be in English. The only exceptions would be:
- English translation is provided
- Text/source in another language was requested
-Posted as a source/reference
Failure to follow this will also involve removal of posts as it does not benefit the majority and would waste most peoples time.

Any material found offensive, non-beneficial, bias or negative, can and will be removed without notice. Continuous breach of this rule can lead to temporary or permanent bans. There will also be a zero tolerance approach on negativity towards Ulamaa generally which has increased in recent times. You may address your issues on your blogs or in private sections of the forum. These posts may be reported, edited, split moved or simply deleted without notice.

When replying to users posts, do not use direct speech which resembles needless chatting or indecent, inappropriate interaction. These messages/posts can and will also be removed without notice.

Materials contrary to Share'ah will be removed with or without a warning/notice.

No direct interactions related/unrelated will be permitted on topics which include brothers and sisters. Posts will be edited to fit this rule or topics may be locked.

Do not address each other by "bro" / "sis". It's not appropriate, use the full username and if the username is a person's name then add "brother" or "sister" in full before it.

Rude, blunt or posts showing any disrespect to other members will be removed without replies or locked if the thread is the cause. Such members may also receive temporary bans for this. All concerns/suggestions or reports should be sent to the team via PM (if it's enabled for you and recipient).

Posts deemed to incite feuds just because the poster disagrees with the premise or posts deemed to be offensive and direct attacks or remarks against mods or admins will be removed without notice and the member will instantly be banned for a minimum of 10 days including being penalised of reps decreasing certain privileges. For example, calling someone's work a "waste of time" or "not worth the effort" falls under this category. If you don't like something, report it if it's Haraam, breaks our rules otherwise simply avoid the thread.

As of 17-11-2011, all debates are banned on muftisays forums in all the public categories. There are dedicated sections for debates and refutations which will not be publicly visible nor indexed on search engines. These sections are available by subscription to the related usergroups.

REMOVING: Posts can be edited but not removed. Think twice before posting opinions as each post must be considered as sacred as word. A word spoken cannot be undone.
- If a post has had a reply then it cannot be removed
- If other members have contributed then the thread cannot be removed
- If a certain post needs to be removed with a valid reason such as personal information posted or a valid Shar'ee reason then it can be edited accordingly.

REMOVING THREADS/TOPICS: Threads will not be deleted upon request if there are replies from other members. A few factors will be taken into account before a thread deletion request is accepted.

All contents of the forum upon posting becomes property of the public. No copyright can be added to posts and the contents of the posts cannot be considered the sole ownership of the poster.

3. Avatars & Signatures

Offsite avatars larger than 25kb will be removed due to quality of service. Visitors with a slower connection or overseas visitors to whom the server would be slower will take forever to load a page with that avatar on it. Try to use compression and simple images. Some avatars really do look amazing but we must think of others with a slower connection.

Signature images cannot exceed 450 pixels in width and 70 pixels in height. Let's not make it all about you, signatures should be as small as possible.

Like many social sites, we have added post ratings. This effects a member's reputation on the site which unlocks features for the reliable members. Constant thumbs down from a single member will be looked at and if we feel that valid posts which are deemed an asset receives 1 or 2 thumbs down, it could be removed and the member causing it could be restricted from rating posts.

4. Advertising

Advertising of any business nature will not be permitted on the forums. Non-profitable registered charity organisations may advertise without permission. Fund raising requests require full details before the post will be visible on the site. Mobile numbers and premium rate numbers are strictly prohibited on our site. Only free land line numbers are permitted of organisations.

Constant posting of adverts will result in a 6 month ban.

5. Tolerance

We refuse to accept any advertising, promotions, or solicitations from Members who are strictly outside the fold of Islam (such as the Ahmadiyyah Movement), as well as groups and organizations who promote terrorism/violence. You are welcome to join and participate but you may not encourage or promote your opinions or beliefs. Strict limitations are also in place to groups who are known to cause Fitnah, arguments and total disrespect and disregard for the elders, the Shuyookh and Awliyaa. These such groups include Ahl-e-Hadeeth (Salafi), Ahlul-Quraan (Qur'aanist) etc. Issues with the Sunni Fiqh must be addressed to the Ulamaa and not in the general forums.

Updated: 30-11-2013
Last updated: 09-11-2020
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