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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 7th February 2010 14:13

"Learning the Basics of Deen "

Islam is a complete way of life and it is essential for a Muslim to practice on every aspect of Deen (religion). On attaining maturity (according to the requisites of Islam)or on accepting Islam for the first time, all the injunctions of the Shari'ah become obligatory and in order to execute the various acts of worship correctly, attaining knowledge regarding them also becomes obligatory.

Following is the link to "Learning the Basics of Deen" which was compiled to facilitate teaching the essentials of a Muslim's daily practical life. Subjects include Aqeedah (Beliefs), rules of Tahaarat (purity), Salaat, and much more.

Each subject has been laid out so that they serve as handout sheets for lessons. They were initially compiled for women and therefore certain subjects are related to women's issues. Also included is a chart which briefly covers the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhi wasallam. This chart serves as a basis for covering the various stages of his life. Also included is basic information about his wives and daughters and brief notes on polygamy in Islam.

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