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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th April 2007 20:44
Every second is valuable. Wasting your own time is questionable on the Day of Qiyaamah, wasting the time of other people is far worse. Posting adverts and other information which goes against site rules even after it's been deleted again and again is becoming daily and to an extent rediculous.

It only takes the Authorizers less than 3 seconds to delete it but i'm sure you are probably wasting more time as all those messages are tracked. They are NOT displayed on the site at all.

I am not refering to the bots posting as that has now died out. This is far worse as Muslims are posting Umrah etc adverts and giving numbers which do not belong to any business. The last call I made was answered by a girl.

To visitors who read those posts if they get through, DO NOT TRUST THEM.

I hope this information helps. No mobile numbers or email addresses should be contacted if posted on the forum. We will do our best to not allow them. Only contact email addresses which end with and not the free hotmail or yahoo accounts.


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