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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd December 2004 03:47

1. The 'Ulamaa
2. Submitting Questions
3. Non-Fiqh Sections

1.1 - All answers given on the site are answered by 'Ulamaa qualified in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence and more. Answered according to the Hanafi school of thought unless asked otherwise.

1.2 - The Ulamaa who answer the questions have Ulamaa ID's. This is not in order to stay anonymous, it is in order to easily notice an answer from the Mufti rather than a user. The Ulamaa also have a special image and rank.

2.1 - Before submitting a question, please check if the question you seek is already available.

2.2 - To submit a question, go to the appropriate section first. Salah, Hajj, Ramadhan etc. or in Miscellaneous if you aren't sure. Click on "SubmitQ" to send new question.

2.3 - When sending a question, always start with Salaam. Be clear when stating situation/problem/question.

2.4 - Keep the question as short as possible and mention only what is needed.

2.5 - State situations clearly trying best not to leave details which could affect the answer.

2.6 - Do not use text formatting in posts unless required. Try and stick to the website colours. Dark fonts using normal size is required. Entries may be edited to remove formatting. This does not apply to titles.

2.7 - Do not send other Ulamaa's Fatwa's and asking our opinion or in particular, Shaikh Mufti Umar Farooq Sahib's opinion. You may send the question as a seperate question where the question will inshaAllah be answered in a normal manner.

2.8 - Questioning an answer given on the site previously where further information is not intended will result in that question being removed. Continuous breach of this rule will result in that users IP being blocked.

2.9 - Any question found offensive towards the 'Ulamaa, Shuyookh (not only those of the site), other users, Muslims or Non-muslims (those who cause no Fitnah) will be removed or edited accordingly.

2.10 - Users must not give any personal details on the site including age, gender etc unless it is essential to the question. Although usernames and avatars may give gender away, it is important that personal information is not given. Usernames cannot be domain names and will be changed without notice.

2.11 - When addressing the 'Ulamaa, use decent English and ask in a manner as if you are speaking to them. With respect and using full sentences.

2.12 - Do not ask more than one question in the same topic unless all the questions are part of the same topic and subject. If various multiple questions are asked, the question will be cut down.

3.1 - Any material found offensice, non-beneficial, bias or negative, can and will be removed without notice or alerts. Continuous breach of this rule can lead to perminent blocking of IP.

3.2 - When replying to users posts, do not use direct speech which resembles needless chatting or indecent, inappropriate interaction. These messages/posts can and will also be removed without notice.

3.3 - Materials contrary to Share'ah can be removed with or without a warning/notice. At times, there are many posts to check up on and notices create a heavy delay. If a removal offends the poster, then please raise a support ticket using


3.4a - No direct interactions related/unrelated will be permitted on topics which include brothers and sisters. Posts will be edited to fit this rule.

3.4b - Do not address each other by "bro" / "sis". It's not appropriate, use the full username and if the username is a person's name then  add "brother" or "sister" in full before it.

3.5 - Rude, blunt or posts showing any disrespect to other members will be removed without replies or locked with (Rule 3.5) stated below. All concerns/suggestions or reports should be sent to the team via the contact form at


3.6 - Offsite avatars larger than 25kb will be removed due to quality of service. Visitors with a slower connection or overseas visitors to whom the server would be slower will take forever to load a page with that avatar on it. Try to use compression and simple images. Some avatars really do look amazing but we must think of others with a slower connection.

3.7 - Signature images cannot exceed 450 pixels in width and 70 pixels in height. Let's not make it all about you, signature should be as small as possible.

3.8 - A new topic which contains only a single clickable link to another site will either be reported or deleted. To avoid this auth check, paste the article or data first and place a link to its source at the end or at the top.

3.9 - Like most sites, we have added post ratings. This effects a member's reputation on the site which unlocks features for the reliable members. Constant thumbs down from a single member will looked at and if we feel that valid posts which are deemed an asset receives 1 or 2 thumbs down, it could be removed and the member causing it could be restricted from rating posts.


3.10 - We refuse to accept any advertising, promotions, or solicitations from Members who are strictly outside the fold of Islam (as such the Ahmadiyyah Movement), as well as groups and organizations who promote terrorism/violence. You are welcome to join and participate but you may not encourage or promote your opinions or beliefs. Strict limitations are also in place to groups who are known to cause Fitnah, arguments and total disrespect and disregard for the elders, the Shuyookh and Awliyaa. These such groups include Ahl-e-Hadeeth (Salafi), Ahlul-Quraan (Qur'aanist) etc. Issues with the Sunni Fiqh must be addressed to the Ulamaa and not in the general forums

It is also important to mention here that some members on the site make Islam impossible to follow by overeacting and making all expressions Haraam. This does not do anything nor does it help in any way whatsoever besides the fact that it causes arguments. The forum is text based so only words should be looked at, no members should be judged or insulted. If one does have genuine concerns, be a sensible person and report the issue by using the contact form. Do not start arguing and telling everyone off like a scary headteacher. It only upsets the members who post and in turn, put them off.

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