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Reasons not to buy a Smartphone

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Yasin, abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st October 2011 16:28
Assalam Alaykum,
A while ago a friend and I talked to another brother about the benefits/ advantages of having a smartphone. I never really thought about the reasons not to have one until recently so I thought I would put up some points here.

1, relatively poor battery life - remember those days when we could talk about how many days our phone battery would last? Smartphones rarely go 24 hours without needing a charge even if you are a moderate user.

2, expensive - they cost a lot of money whether it is through an upfront payment to buy it or through the monthly payments needed to cover contract/ tariff costs. The cost of a mobile phone/ non smartphone purchased outright or through a contract deal is usually much cheaper.

3, constants distraction - the smartphone is a constant distraction becuase of the notification each time you receive an email or the internet can be accessed wherever you maybe. I recently read something about people updating/ reading facebook whilst using the toilet. Apps and games available for all the OS on smartphones means greater likelihood of being distracted from more important things.

4, Unnecessary technology - we have PCs, laptops and games consoles in our homes for internet surfing and gaming. Do we really need a little portable gadget such as the smartphone to combine these things for us? Do we really need the internet in our pocket 24/7?

5, bad for the environment - Our appetite for "stuff," and for electronics in particular, is destroying the world. Electronics are made with valuable minerals which are mined under terrible conditions. You may have heard of "blood diamonds." Well, electronics are made with "blood minerals." Then add the ecological toll of mining, shipping, and processing those minerals. And the process of manufacturing electronics, which is one of the most toxic manufacturing markets in the world today. AND the end-of-life handling of your old cell phone, which has a lot of toxic chemicals in it.

6, Keeping up with technology - next year something else will come out which will be better, faster, lighter etc. Why not just stop yourself getting into the technology now to avoid entering into the circular pattern of always wanting to have the latest and coolest gadget, which of course always comes at a price.

These are just some of the reasons I could come up with and no doubt there are probably counter arguments/ good arguments for having one. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the read and find it useful.


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#2 [Permalink] Posted on 21st October 2011 16:38
1) Agree

2) Agree

3) Agree, but love it. I dont have any kind of social networking rubbish, but I subscribe to Muftisays threads and when there is a reply, Boom, I know and can check it instantly. (Some dont like that like mentioned in a diffrerent post)

4) Yes we do. I'm on the go all the time, I want to make sure nobody is creating a problem on the forums.

5) We all gotta go one day!

6) Agree. Stick to the old stuff, (same as the 4 schools)

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#3 [Permalink] Posted on 21st October 2011 22:31
1,2,5) Agree.

3) Agree & I also do not social network websites for social networking

4) Agree and also believe that some can make very good use of it if working on the move constantly. But the rest of us 99% of people, honestly no need.

6) Agree and lol@abu mohammed

Some households have 2 to 3 mobile phones per person. And sometimes 2 contracts per person. They pay more for mobile bills than they do for electric and gas. What a take over. Comsumed the lives of kids through to adults. No one has been spared.
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#4 [Permalink] Posted on 24th October 2011 20:53
I completely agree on all the points, i would completely emphasize on number one. My ipods battery and all the phones around need charging all the time. It is very irritating and this disadvantage (the main one) could make you urge for an old fashioned phone.
To summarize:
1. true
...doesn't distract me
...i think its kind of useful
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