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Muhammad - The Most Popular name (Spelling)

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#31 [Permalink] Posted on 17th August 2015 22:28
In today's newspaper. Although the names have been given as something else, Muhammad is number 1 and Mohammed is number 10 in London.

I'm sure if they get all the variations of Muhammad, it will exceed all the other names inshaAllah.

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#32 [Permalink] Posted on 18th August 2015 01:27
By my count:

Rank Name Count
14 MUHAMMAD 3,588
27 MOHAMMED 2,536
56 MOHAMMAD 1,116
111 MUHAMMED 548
168 MOHAMED 343
854 MOHAMAD 35
1421 MAHAMED 17
2459 MUHAMAD 8
2459 MUHAMED 8
3362 MAHAMAD 5
3362 MOHAMUD 5
4632 MOHMMED 3

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#33 [Permalink] Posted on 20th September 2017 12:43
Muhammad overtakes William :)

However, as usual, this poll is based on only one method of spelling, "Muhammad" putting it at No.8 in the charts for 2017.

The statistics are derived from the names as they appear on the birth certificate of the child and, as such, don't factor in differing or similar pronunciations. Grouping names with similar pronunciation would change the rankings.[/quote]
[quote]Muhammad was the top boys' name in London and the West Midlands

At this rate, Muhammad will be No.1 for ever inshaAllah.

Currently: Oliver is number with 6,623 babies!

However :)

Muhammad: 3908
Mohammed: 2228
Mohammad: 948
Muhammed: 534

Total with just these 4 variants: 7618 Babies named in the UK for 2017
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#34 [Permalink] Posted on 3rd May 2019 18:06
Mohammed was the most popular first name for boys born in Berlin in 2018, study reveals

Daily Mail

3 May 2019

Mohammed was the most popular first name for baby boys in Berlin last year, it has emerged.

The Association for German Language revealed that the name was among the 10 most popular in six of the country's 16 states.

As well as the state of Berlin it featured near the top of the list in Berlin, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Hesse in the 2018 figures.

In Germany as a whole it was 24th on the list, when its various spellings and use in children's middle names were added together.

In Berlin it jumped from sixth to first place as the most popular boy's name, ahead of Louis and Emil.

The Association's managing director Andrea Ewels has previously said the name Mohammed's rise was 'of course related to the wave of immigration'.

She said last year that it could enter the 10 most popular baby names in the country by 2021 or 2022.

More than one million Middle Eastern and North African migrants have entered Germany since Angela Merkel threw the country's doors open in 2015.

Across the country Ben was the most popular first name for boys while Emma came top of the list for girls.

Paul, Leon, Noah and Louis or Luis were the next-highest ranked for parents' sons, followed by Jonas, Elias, Henry or Henri, Felix, and Lukas or Lucas.

For girls, Hanna or Hannah was the second-most popular, followed by Mia, Sophia or Sofia, and Emilia.

The first names Lina, Mila, Ella, Klara or Clara, and Anna completed the top ten for newborn girls.

Language experts said parents in the north and east of Germany states were more likely to exhibit names from their 'grandparents' generation'.

They included Mathilda, Frieda, Ida and Greta for girls, and Karl, Oskar, Anton, Jakob and Theo for boys.

More than 65,000 different baby names were recorded in the study.

The daily mail
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#35 [Permalink] Posted on 10th December 2019 19:30
Muhammad Appears In Top 10 Baby Name List For The First Time (America)


10 December 2019

The name Muhammad has broken into a parenting website’s top 10 list of most popular baby boy names for the very first time.

The name, which honors Islam’s founder, the Prophet Muhammad, crawled from 14th place in 2018 to 10th place in 2019, according to data collected from U.S. parents by BabyCenter.

“Muhammad’s been rising on BabyCenter top baby name lists around the world, so we knew it would soon break into the U.S. top 10,” Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s global editor in chief, said in a press release.

Another Arabic-origin name, Aaliyah, ranked as this year’s 10th most popular name for American baby girls on BabyCenter.

Two other faith-inspired names, Noah and Elijah, remained popular for baby boys in the U.S. this year. The two religious figures are mentioned in all three Abrahamic traditions.

BabyCenter said its data comes from nearly 600,000 parents who shared their babies’ names with the site in 2019. The site noted that in order to “capture true popularity,” its list combines names that sound similar but have alternate spellings (like Muhammad and Mohammed).

Having multiple spellings helps a name get into the top 10, Murray said.

Muhammad’s rising popularity has also been documented by the Social Security Administration, which collects data based on Social Security card applications for births in the United States. Muhammad was ranked No. 620 in 2000 ― but shot up to No. 345 in 2018.

Unlike BabyCenter, the SSA does not combine data for alternate spellings of a specific name.

The name Muhammad translates to “the most praised one.” Muslims do not think of Islam’s founder as a deity but see him as the “ultimate example” of how to live a righteous life, according to Sylvia Chan-Malik, a professor at Rutgers University who studies the history of Islam in the United States.

Imitating the prophet’s good behavior and good deeds is a fundamental part of Muslims’ daily religious practice, she said. By naming a child Muhammad, parents are expressing a desire for their child to do the same, she said.

“Naming a child Muhammad is another articulation of that, another way in which parents hope that by giving their children this name, they will emulate the good qualities of the Prophet Muhammad,” Chan-Malik told HuffPost.

Muslims currently make up about 1% of America’s total population, according to the Pew Research Center. Researchers estimate that by 2050, the U.S. Muslim population will have nearly doubled in size.

Muhammads have been part of American history for a long time. A man named Bampett Muhamed fought alongside colonists during the Revolutionary War. During the Civil War, a Persian immigrant named Mohammed Kahn enlisted in the Union Army.

A number of famous people in modern U.S. history also bear the name of Islam’s founder ― from the boxing legend Muhammad Ali to the Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad.

In earlier generations, it was common for immigrants named Muhammad to modify their name to “Mo” or change it to another name altogether, such as Matt, Chan-Malik said.

She thinks the rising popularity of the name is a sign that, despite the rise of Islamophobia in the post-9/11 era and the anti-Muslim sentiment emanating from the White House today, young American Muslim parents are proudly and unapologetically embracing their religious identities.

“In the face of all these attacks on Islam and Muslims, I think you see a new generation of young Muslims who are no longer accepting the way in which Islam has been vilified or demonized in politics and culture,” she said. “They’re saying, ‘I’m going to name my child Muhammad because this is meaningful to me, for my religious identity and my faith, and I’m no longer going to shy away from that.’”

The Huff Post
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