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Saeed Anwar in Dhaka to join Bishwa Ijtema

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 25th January 2008 09:24
Saeed Anwar in Dhaka to join Bishwa Ijtema PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 January 2008

Our Correspondent

Former cricket captain of Pakistan Saeed Anwar, who is now in Bangladesh to join the Bishwa Ijtema, on Thursday urged the Muslims to to follow the way of the Islam.

While speaking to a group of Muslim devotees at Narayan-ganj, he said that to be a cricketer or doctor or engineer is a very difficult matter, but to come forward in the way of Islam is very simple.

He said all can perform religious duties by staying in their respective professions. Saeed Anwar was giving a religious sermon at the College Road residence of Kutubuddin Aksir, the former vice-president of Bangladesh Cricket Board. Several Tabligh Jamaat followers were present during the sermon.

Thousands of cricket-lovers rushed to the spot after getting news of the arrival of their favourite Pakistani batsman. Saeed said that he arrived in Dhaka on Wednesday to join the Bishwa Ijtema at Tongi, which is scheduled to be held from Tuesday. The world-class batsman will attend the akheri munajat of Tongi Bishwa Ijtema on January 27 before leaving Dhaka. He has agreed to inaugurate a cricket coaching programme for schoolboys at Osmani Stadium in Narayanganj when Kutubuddin Aksir requested him to do so.


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