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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 11th November 2006 18:50
the problem here is AAG that muslims views are not taken into i sure about this not 100% but i don't think it takes a genious to work it out that we are being targeted and played with and these votes don't matter because if they did then why not hold talks....why not punish those who are publishing these cartoons?...why not hold votes about how muslims feel and what should be done instead of Polls ASKING us to vote in order to STOP the publishing of these cartoons! If they had no intention of publishing these cartoons they would not even have bothered to let us know about it...end of.instead they are letting us know just to see how much they have rattled our cage.

i have nothing more to say about the matter and yes insha ALLAH through our paitence and prayer ALLAH subhana wa Ta'ala will help the Muslim Umaat....remember Dua is the weapon of a believer....jazakAllah

(sorry just had to let of some steam! no offense to anyone).....:)

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