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Talha Ahsan

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st July 2006 23:23

Many of you may be aware that the authorites have
targetted yet another valuable member of the

Syed Talha Ahsan was arrested under the Extradition
Act 2003 two days ago (Wed 19th July). This brother
masha-Allah was a role model to our youth. He was a
regular at Tooting Islamic Centre Masjid and well
known to most of the community.

His parents are elderly and are completely devastated.
His friends and siblings are already feeling the
emptiness of his absence. He has now been kidnapped by
the British Authorites on the request of the United
States under the same Treaty that is shipping Babar
Ahmad to the U.S. Talha has not been charged with
anything in this country, nor have the U.S provided
any details of any evidence (probably because they are
too busy trying to make something up in the interim).

Talha and his family need our utmost support at this
testing time. Yesterday it was Babar, today it is
Talha, tomorrow (Allah forbid) it could be one of you.

Talha and Babar are denied the chance to see or
challenge any evidence against them in a British Court
of Law. They risk being put in Guantanamo Bay and even
being tortured.

You can all earn a bit of reward this weekend by
helping Talha. The first few days in prison are the
hardest and most stressful for the family and the
prisoner. Please could everyone write to Talha and
post it by first class post by MONDAY morning. Even if
it is a few lines or a card or a picture drawn by your
kids. Even if it a few verses from the Quran or a
hadith reminder. Tell him he is not forgotten, tell
him you are praying for him, tell him Allah will look
after him and his family.

His address is

Syed Talha Ahsan
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
SO22 5DF

This ten minute deed could be the deed that saves our
faces from the Fire on the Day of Judgement, when we
will be most in need of Alalh's Mercy to get us into
Please, write to him asap.


please forward to all you know

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