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Why the West is wrong about Islam | Peter Oborne

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 20th March 2024 12:48
Why are Western societies so fearful of Islam and Muslims?

One can answer this question by examining history, particularly that of European colonial powers, and the ways in which they justified their actions in the Global South by painting its peoples and religions as alien and in need of reformation.

Another answer can be found in the murky ties between our modern political parties, powerful media figures and well-funded think tanks, who have all benefited from casting Muslim communities as antagonists.

This week on The Big Picture podcast, we speak to celebrated author and columnist Peter Oborne, who has spent years tracing the roots of anti-Muslim hatred in Western history, and the people who shape its modern manifestations in Britain, the US and France.

He presents his findings in his 2023 book ‘The Fate of Abraham: Why The West Is Wrong About Islam’.

56 minutes

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