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Exposing the Joint Israeli-Indian Plan to Genocide Muslim in Palestine and India

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 21st November 2023 11:53
Most Muslims are surprised when they see thousands of Hindutvadi Indian social media accounts aggressively promoting Israel and its ongoing genocide of Palestinian Muslims.

Muslims think that maybe Hindutvadis are doing this simply because they hate Muslims. But this is a superficial analysis. Both Zionist Israel and Hindutvadi India have already made an agreement to cooperate in gradually genociding their Muslim minorities.

This agreement has two primary components.

First, Israel’s enormously powerful lobby in Western capitals will use its influence to aid India. It will pressure Western politicians to keep silent, and maintain economic relations with India, even as India gradually escalates its efforts to genocide its Muslim minority (in Kashmir and elsewhere).

This is reflected in Western silence over the increasing persecution of Muslims in India. It is also reflected in the past closeness between Netanyahu, Modi, and Trump, along with Trump’s support for India’s 2019 revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status (Article 370). The special status was revoked in order to permit mass Hindu settlement of the area, with the explicit aim of eliminating the region’s Muslim majority society.

Second, Israel and India (with their rising economies) are cooperating to offer certain Gulf states (UAE, Saudi) enhanced security and trade relations. This is on the condition that these states no longer aid Muslim minorities in Palestine and India.

More generally, UAE and Saudi are required to promote Zionism and Hindutva as well as establish Jewish and Hindu communities within their borders. They are required to participate in the demonization of Muslims in Palestine and India, labelling them terrorists and religious deviants (i.e., shirk-practicing Sufis, deviant Deobandis, etc.).

Most importantly, UAE and Saudi are required to use their power to derail all political efforts to unify Muslim countries in support of Muslim Palestinians and Indians. This is done to strip any hope of outside help from Muslim Palestinians and Indians so that some flee as refugees and the rest are silently genocided.

What can Muslims do about this? One important thing is participating in the ongoing information war.

(1) Use social media to raise awareness about the Israeli-Indian plan to genocide their Muslim minorities with the help of certain Gulf countries.

(2) Use social media to counter attacks on Muslim minorities in Palestine and India. Some of these attacks come from Zionists and Hindutvadis, but many come from figures associated with UAE and Saudi.

(3) Use social media to expose and discredit the new class of religious scholars and media figures, tied to UAE and Saudi, who are aggressively pushing Zionism and Hindutva. These figures include Zahack Tanvir, Imam Tawhidi, Faris al-Hammadi, Amjad Taha, Hasan Sajwani, and Noor Dahri.

Recognize that all religious scholars and media figures from UAE and Saudi have been placed under extreme pressure and are being forced to push political propaganda which endangers Muslims in Palestine and India. This means that such figures should be ignored by Muslims across the globe. In the current situation they have little credibility. So, generally speaking, you should not listen to figures from these countries – even if they are famous religious scholars (e.g., Abdullah bin Bayya, Abd al-Rahman Sudais). Instead, take your knowledge from religious scholars in other countries.
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