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Seeing a prostitute, My hometown | Tariq Jameel

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 7th May 2023 02:40
Excerpt from Tariq Jameel’s speeches.

For two hundred years, there are brothels in my hometown, Tulamba. Travelled around the world calling people to Allah so it came to my mind I should speak there as well. I told them, “You are like my daughters”. They were so affected they would say in society we are not even considered human, an Islamic scholar called us ‘daughters’. All I did was give them love and respect. Some repented, I allotted some money for basic needs. Some have got married, gone for Umrah.

How easy it is to call someone a prostitute! The man that sees a prostitute. He continues with his respect and status. If he is a businessman, doctor, landlord he maintains his reputation. But that woman her whole life, she gets labeled as a prostitute. Until I visited those brothels, I realized how impoverished they were. Due to poverty, they are forced to sell their bodies.

One prostitute, her daughters are young. I said I will bear the cost if you get them married. She told me who comes to court of a prostitute to propose. Some prostitutes are daughters of wealthy men of that area.

How many married men go see these prostitutes and commit adultery!

Ibn ‘Umar said: “I heard the Prophet (saw) narrating a hadith, not just once or twice, even seven times, but I heard him saying it more than that. I heard him saying: ‘There was a man called Al-Kifl among the children of Isra’il who did not restrain himself from committing sins.

A woman came to him and he gave her sixty Dinar so he could sleep with her. When he sat up from her, as a man sits up from a woman, she began to tremble and cry, so he said: “Why are you crying, did I do something to harm you?”

She said: “No. But it is because of what I did, I only did so out of need.”

He said: “You did this without having done (it before), so leave me, and it (the money) is for you.”

And then he said: “By Allah! I will never disobey Allah after that.” He died during the night and morning came with: ” Indeed Allah has forgiven Al-Kifl” written upon his door.”

Other chains report similar narrations.

(Tirmidhi 2496, Weak -Scholar differ on use of weak hadith)

I plead everyone to repent from sins. Allah accepted Kifl’s repentance. Allah will accept yours.
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