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Three Weaknesses of Human being | Umar Palanpuri

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 10th April 2023 05:02
Excerpt from Umar Palanpuri’s speeches.

All Prophets came to primarily guide the mindset of the human being. Whole Quran is there to correct the mindset so the human being doesn’t have any misgivings in life. Once a person adopts right mindset; its easy to thread correct path.

Human being shouldn’t rely on his own reasoning to live his life but do so according to commandments of Allah. If he relies on his own reasoning, the weaknesses he possesses will influence his decisions which will harm him. If he lives his life according to what Allah wants, Allah’s power and treasures are with him.

Allah is saying this human is weak in every way.

“…for mankind was created weak.” (4:28)

Human being has three major weaknesses:

(1) His vision is limited, not able to see everything.

In the house he lives, he is not able to see in its entirety. In the mother’s womb, not able to see actual woman. In this world, not able to see seven heavens. In grave, not able to see horror of the day of judgement. In day of judgement, not able to see punishment inside hell fire. He would be hasty asking Allah to begin the judgement not realizing the agony of waiting was better than suffering in hellfire.

(2) He cannot see into the future and doesn’t know how things will transpire.

Future is not within one’s sight. One cannot foresee what will happen in next few minutes let alone much ahead. He can plan for hundred years but he cannot in certainty know what will happen in next few minutes.

For example, a powerful man is holding a meeting and there is an explosive in the house. Per first weakness, he is not able to see the explosive. Per second weakness, he is unaware after a few minutes it will blow up.

(3) Given the first two weaknesses, his plans and actions will be in error. Because he will plan according to his deficient sight and understanding.

Whereas Allah is perfect in every way. Allah can see the black insect on black stone in earth, even hear its crawling. Allah is perfect in His seeing, hearing, treasures, power.

“Surely Allah is All-Powerful, Almighty.” (57:25)
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