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Allah’s bounties, His giving without asking | Ibrahim Dewla

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 29th March 2023 00:25
Excerpt from Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches.

Whether someone asks or doesn’t ask, Allah grants far more than what’s asked of Him. Like a child enters this world incognizant of his needs as he doesn’t possess complete knowledge, how will he ask? But Allah sustains this child through His arrangements. Allah has perfect knowledge of what are His servant’s needs, comforts, constraints. Allah knows our needs more than us.

Per his wisdom, Allah directs his bounties towards his servants. For example Allah says:

“Did We not make for him two eyes? And a tongue and two lips” (90:8-9)

Did this man ever beseech Allah for eyes? That I need eyes in this world. He wouldn’t even have awareness that he will be needing eyes. Yet, they were provided to him without asking.

Shah Abdul Aziz Dihlawi رحمة الله عليه says five blessings were mentioned in verse because child is dependent on them as soon as he is born:

1. He needs eyes to see his mother, her chest.
2. He needs lips to draw milk. Without lips, it would be cause of worry, how would he draw milk? Recently, a child was born in our locality without the upper lip. He had to go through surgery.
3. He needs his tongue to savor the food. Is it bitter, sweet, edible? One can only determine this if they have a tongue.
These are examples of how Allah unceasingly directs his bounties day and night to his servants.
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