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Notes on Simplicity | Umar Palanpuri

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 13th February 2023 03:57
Excerpt from Umar Palanpuri’s speeches.

(1) Simplicity is desired and beloved to Allah. During the time of Umar(rad) lot of wealth came, but their lifestyle didn’t change. Their life was simple before and after wealth. It shouldn’t come in someone’s mind that Prophet (saw) and his companions were forced to be simple because they didn’t possess wealth. Prophet (saw) was not compelled to simplicity.

Abu Umamah reported: Prophet (saw) said, “My Lord presented me with the valley of Mecca that He might turn it into gold for me. I said: No, O Lord, rather I will be satiated some days and hungry some days. When I am hungry, I will humble myself to You and remember You. When I am satiated, I will be grateful to You and praise You.” (Tirmidhi 2347)

Would Allah offer the Prophet (saw) something impermissable? No. When the direct source is Allah, the gold is permissable. But Prophet (saw) declined.

(2) However simplicity should be adopted gradually. Done all of a sudden, family disagrees, this will cause quarrels and conflicts. So gradually make effort to make the mindset of yourself and family. Even if your family agrees to simplicity, my advice is gradually adopt so it’s tolerable and sustainable. If you adopt simplicity all of a sudden, not able to tolerate, fall ill then perhaps you start missing obligations. For example, Prophet (saw) ate barley bread. You force yourself and family to eat barley bread, your body not accustomed to it, its not digesting properly, fall ill. Now obligations are missed.

(3) Note simplicity is not that the clothes are unclean, person reeks of sweat and people around are uncomfortable. This is not simplicity. Even per the religion, this is not good i.e. to cause harm to others. This is considered foolishness. We should be clean so no one is harmed due to us.
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