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Accepting Allah’s decree | Nazrur Rahman

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 28th November 2022 04:31
Excerpt from Nazrur Rahman’s speeches and my notes.

“Part of one’s faith is to believe that good and bad conditions are from Allah.”

Jabir ibn Abdullah reported: Prophet (saw) said, “A servant does not have faith until he believes in divine providence, both its good and its evil…” (Tirmidhi 2144)

“We should have certainty in this. In this world, whatever conditions we face are decrees of Allah where conditions can be contrary to our expectations and temperament. This is why we should believe in fate. Whatever Allah apportioned for me is beyond my control and I have to concede to it.

If there is a favorable condition, then one should express gratitude. If there is an unfavorable condition such as difficulty, illness that is also decree of Allah. Height of servitude would be one to expresses gratitude even in unfavorable conditions. Allah is worthy of praise, his decree is worthy of praise as well.

On Day of Judgement where masses of people would be gathered, it would be announced, ‘Where are those whatever condition they were in would express gratitude?’ Those people would stand, it would be proclaimed for them to enter heaven without any reckoning.”

Ibn Abbas reported: Prophet (saw) said, “Seventy thousand from my nation will enter Paradise without reckoning.” They said, “Who are they, O Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet said, “They are those who do not rely on incantations, nor believe in omens, nor use cauterization, but rather they trust in their Lord.” (Muslim 220a)

Part of placing trust in Allah is after one has done their efforts, they are content with Allah’s decree.

Allamah Munawi states that the number 70 000 could have two possibilities; 70 000 literally or 70 000 was used to show a large number.

Hafiz Ibn Hajar cited several authentic Hadiths which mention that for every one thousand from the seventy thousand, seventy thousand more people will be granted entry without reckoning. [which would then bring the total to four million nine hundred and seventy thousand, 4,970,000]
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