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Sanctuary of Needs | Yusuf Kandhlawi

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Abdur Rahman ibn Awf
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th November 2022 01:28
Excerpt from Yusuf Kandhlawi’s speeches.

Its guidance from Allah that one’s desires are not to be eliminated but they are to be contained. Allah has not forbidden living with a spouse, raising of children and building a house. However in daily life, one should forego their desires. Live in a house that Allah has asked of you. What is asked of you?

Whatever is necessary and are your needs, they are permitted. Anything beyond that are desires which are to be sacrificed. To earn money to fulfill your need this is allowed. But to earn money beyond needs to satisfy greed, one is asked to sacrifice. To have a residence to fulfill the need, this is permitted. But any further desire which is for vanity is to be sacrificed.

The boundaries set on one’s needs is part of this religion. Anything exceeding that is the pursuit of vain desires and harmful to one’s faith. Thus, in every sphere of one’s life whether it’s a house, clothing, earning of one’s livelihood whether he is farmer, businessman, employee or a laborer. In every area, there are needs that define limits and crossing them is pursuit of vain desires. The demand is to relinquish one’s desires and stay within needs.

Have a house per your needs and sacrifice your desires. So you are granted houses made of gold and silver. You will be given palaces and large estates (in hereafter)!

And if you reside in a house following your desires. Remember this! You will be flung into the fire of hell. You will be homeless (in hereafter).

If you are earning per your needs and not to satisfy your greed. You will be provided gardens. You will be provided fruits. You will be provided wealth that will never diminish (in hereafter).

In every thing there are desires and needs, the field of desires will never get finished however needs will get addressed very quick, on condition that we are at the stage of need.

Our twenty four hours of life are to be within this sanctuary of needs. What is the name of this lifestyle? It’s called Taqwa (God’s consciousness).

In every area of our life, the boundaries of need aught to be established. Our earning, food, living with spouse and children, clothing, purchasing, our needs are to be per lifestyle of Prophet (saw) then we will achieve success in this world and hereafter.
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