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Rising Divorces, Parents emphasized grades not character| Tariq Jameel

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 1st November 2022 20:40
Excerpt from Tariq Jameel’s speeches and my notes.

“Some parents all they care about is grades. Why are your marks this low? It’s not degrees that determine sustenance its Allah that decrees the child’s sustenance. Schools, Colleges, Universities are more like businesses, children are not going to learn character there.

No one asks how is this person’s character. Life passes through peacefully where there is character. If the woman’s character is bad? Or the man’s character is bad? Then the outcome will be agony. Heaps of wealth, gold and silver are not going to bring satisfaction. Great modes of transportation such as fancy car is not going to bring about peace.

Courteous speech is the light that will remove the darkness in one’s life. When one has to experience ill-manners, it takes the air out of one’s life, one constantly feels restricted.

This is because parents don’t teach this:

How to control one’s tongue?
How to be humble? How one can be self-effacing?
What is character?
Sometimes parents themselves lack this how are they going to teach this to someone else.

Learn tolerance. Homes are getting broken. The divorce ratio is increasing. Parents didn’t teach their children forebearance, to tolerate anything that happens contrary to their desire.”

Ibn Abbas reported: Prophet (saw), said to Al-Ashajj ‘Abdul al-Qays, “Verily, you have two qualities beloved to Allah. They are forbearance and patience.” (Muslim 17)

“Diamond is only a block of coal. How does it become a diamond? When its placed under pressure, its passes its limit Allah makes it a jewel to adorn a person. Husband cannot tolerate the wife. Wife cannot tolerate the husband. If our families can only do one practice (sunnah) of my Prophet (saw), have forebearance then life will be beautiful.”
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