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I am better | Ibrahim Dewla

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 6th July 2022 16:05
Excerpt from Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches (notes are in brackets).

Have good opinion of Muslims. This is how one should act in society. Thoughts of one another should be good. When one has good opinion of someone, then their good attributes will be revealed. Whereas if one has ill opinion of someone, one can only see their ill traits.

Devil shows to us our virtues and other people’s ill traits. About himself the devil said

“I am better than him” (38:76)

He is better than Adam (as). But Allah had shown favor and chosen Adam in creation. He was exclusively selected. (But) the devil thought that he is better and Adam ought to prostrate to him rather than he prostrate to Adam. He (devil) is seeing his own virtue. He was blind to the virtues that Adam (as) had. This is his work.

Every human’s ego (nafs) and his own devil, present one’s own virtues. And they would present the bad characteristics of others. This brings about ‘negative assumptions’. Scholars have mentioned that most ‘negative assumptions’ the devil brings is among the religious. ‘He must have done this, done that’. But in reality nothing like that ever happened. Its an evil presumption. In Islam, we are commanded to hold good opinion.

Look at the good attributes of Muslims. Every human being has a virtue. Become familiar with this. This is person who remembers Allah a lot, this is person serves others, this person performs lots of prayer, this person is very active (in propagating faith). Every human being is unique. Our five fingers they are not the same (each of them have benefit and role to play). There is good in every one of them.
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