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Appreciating not opposing other efforts/activities of religion | Ibrahim Dewla

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 14th May 2022 13:13
Excerpt from one of Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets.

And whatever other causes/efforts of the religion happening in the world we should value them. We shouldn’t censure them. Why? Because that work is also an objective and is something to be done. That’s not something we leave. Its of their favor that those people are doing that (other) work or else we would be (accountable) to do it. So we should appreciate their work.

“MashAllah, these services you are performing for the religion, this is great.” We should pray for them. We should assist them.

They are serving the other works of the religion. One’s effort, do it as an objective. Because whatever efforts that are on truth, cooperation is necessary. We should assist one another, help one another, value one another. We shouldn’t reproach one another. Why? Because that (their work) is also necessary.

In the body, nail and hair they are both necessary. If (all) hair is removed and nails are cut? Every hair and nail is not useless. They are needed. Similar to how every part of body is necessary to serve, whatever efforts of the religion, small or big, in group or individual, if its in works of the religion then they are needed at their place. And the people doing it they are worthy of high regard. We should cooperate with them. We should pray for them so their works increase.

In Hadith (Tirmidhi 2487), Muhajireen came to Prophet (saw) said the “Ansar have earned all the good. What have they left us?”

How so?

“They help us, feed us, provide us homes, land and when they proceed in path of Allah the martyrs on their side are greater. In all of this, they are ahead. What is going to be left for us? They have taken all the good.”

Prophet (saw) “this is not so, you can also obtain this on two conditions:

(1) Whatever work they are doing, appreciate them for it.”

When someone makes more effort than us, there comes about either of two states.

(a) Sometimes state is of Envy. “Why is he doing this?” This is not allowed. Envy is impermissible.

(b) Compassion is necessary.

Envy and Compassion they are at opposing ends. A man doesn’t hold envy but compassion for his child. And he holds envy for his neighbor. Doesn’t this happen usually? He has compassion for his child. My child! My child! We are commanded to cultivate compassion ie want good.

So Prophet (saw) said whatever Ansar will receive and you ie Muhajireen wanting the same (rewards), one of the conditions being that you value them. The work we couldn’t do they are able to do so. Its not that they should become envious of them.

(2) Second condition is Prophet (saw) said “pray for them”.

O Allah, they are doing this, recompense them for this. Grant them sincerity. The Companions used to pray for each other.

Haji Abdul Wahab would provide this advice “pray for one another”. Praying for the other is a sign of compassion. Its sign of wanting good for the other.
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